March 29, 2018

Counting on a Countess. Eva Leigh

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Published: Avon
Date: March 27th 2018
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 384
Genre:Historical romance
Source:Publicist via Edelweiss
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Christopher “Kit” Ellingsworth, war veteran and newly minted Earl of Blakemere, buries his demons under every sort of pleasure and vice. His scandalous ways have all but emptied his coffers . . . until a wealthy mentor leaves him a sizeable fortune. The only stipulation? He mustmarry within one month to inherit the money. Kit needs a bride and the bold, mysterious Miss Tamsyn Pearce seems perfect.

Husband hunting isn’t Tamsyn’s top priority—she’s in London to sell her new shipment of illicit goods—but she’s desperate for funds to keep her smuggling operation afloat. When a handsome earl offers to wed her and send her back to Cornwall with a hefty allowance, Tamsyn agrees. After all, her secrets could land her in prison and an attentive, love-struck spouse could destroy everything.
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Counting on a Countess by Eva Leigh was a fun read with interesting characters and some twists in the plot that made it a light and easy read.

Both Kit and Tamsyn need a wife/husband and its not long before they meet up and the plotting and planning to tie the knot is done, making a perfect marriage of convenience. Kit is an ex soldier - a bit of a profligate and a pleasure seeker. He fought for his country and is rather black and white about anyone that might break the law of his beloved country.

Tamsyn on the other hand is altruistic and kind hearted, and she's a leader when it comes to some smuggling. I thought I wouldn't like a smuggler but this one was rather delightful and had her eye on the goal of helping others, a bit of a Robin Hood really. 

When they marry the tables are turned on Kit when he discovers there is an addition to the will that has gifted him with an inheritance.   And there is another shocking revelation for him on the way.

These two are perfectly suited for each other and if they can just stop circling each other and lay it all out for each other they are going to really make a difference.

A very light hearted enjoyable Regency romance.
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