June 19, 2018

Heaven Adjacent Catherine Ryan Hyde

book cover
Published:  Lake Union Publishing
Date:  June 19th 2018
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 316
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Little Bird Publicity via NetGalley
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Roseanna Chaldecott spent her life as a high-powered lawyer in Manhattan. But when her best friend and law partner dies suddenly, something snaps. Unsure of her future, Roseanna heads upstate on one tank of gas and with no plans to return.

In the foothills of the Adirondacks, Roseanna discovers the perfect hideout in a ramshackle farm. Its seventy-six acres are rich with possibilities and full of surprises, including a mother and daughter squatting on the property. Although company is the last thing Roseanna wants, she reluctantly lets them stay.

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Heaven Adjacent is a thought provoking novel filled with quirky characters.  

Roseanna is a high flying attorney until she up and leaves it and everyone behind. A life changing moment happens when her attorney friend Alice dies before she can experience the joy of retirement and doing all those fun relaxing things she plans to do.  However Roseanna leaves behind one irate partner in the business who isn't impressed by her departure. He plans revenge! I didn't like him at all!

When Roseanna settles down on a farm she just comes across she finds that there are already some people living on her property and along come more. As well her son finds her because of a reporter who stops by and writes about what Roseanna has been involved in along with the little girl on the property.

Over a few years Rosie finds herself being challenged and while what might have began as a 'pretend' living off the land, becomes a reality. She finds out that it is not too late to change and to become the someone she would like to be towards herself and others. 

There's an old man, a dog and a horse with a mind of its own, a young man with no where to go until now and a little girl who is persistent but low key.  

There are poignant moments and moments filled with humour. And times where family really counts.


  1. That cover could totes be from around here, I like that :)

  2. hmmm a new to me author and it sounds really good

  3. I've been meaning to read more from this author. I love the sound of this one. Thanks!

  4. This book sounds sweetly lovely!

  5. Yes, another good read from CRH. My review posts tomorrow. I like how she tells a story :)

  6. I got this for a blog tour I think almost entirely because I knew you liked this author and I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it! She pulled me in and I liked the mix of humor and poignant moments and all the rest. I'm so glad you had recommended her!

  7. I am new to this author, but have enjoyed what I've read so far!!

  8. I really like the sound of this one. As I've commented on someone's blog, I like how these kind of books show ppl change over time and their interests may lead them elsewhere.


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