June 23, 2018

Over The Teacups #8

Short Reviews Over a Cuppa

This is audiobook month, so it is quite fitting that my three books this time round for Over the Teacups are all audiobooks.
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Why? I had read/listened to the previous book The Cafe by the Sea and loved it so I was totally in for listening to this one. 

Plot This continues life on Mure which is a small island off the coast of Scotland. It sounds both unappealing and appealing. We meet all the same characters. Flora is running her cafe, her brother is about to get married, there is a doctor who wants to find his wife and children from a war torn area. And Flora is still wondering really about her relationship with Joel.

What Appeals to me? Well I loved the narration by Sarah Barron, perfection. I loved the setting, the characters and the bittersweet angst. We learn so much about the background of Joel, the doctor's struggle with his search and find of his family, and well... there is one very sad loss happening.
And so...  It was a 5 star listen for me.  A keeper shelf book and most likely a notable book of 2018 for me.

Why?  I saw this listed over on the AAR website where they had the top 100 romances as voted I guess by their readers. As I had read quite a few on this list I thought I'd try this one - new to the list. I also heard it discussed on a couple of podcasts and reviews on Goodreads were generally very positive.
Plot.  This was about Jennifer - the Banana Queen, a baking genius who is totally exploited by her parents. And Cletus Winston - Jen blackmails him into helping her prepare for someone to marry. He sets out to educate her giving her tasks to do - like do something different every day. Cletus is a devious, loveable, quiet and clever individual but it turns out Jen is all of that and more.
What Appeals to me.  It was a fun set up, and all the Winston family were a load of fun. They all have their own books I do believe.  I listened to the audio and it was an easy listening experience reasonably well narrated.
And so...While  I most likely won't read about the rest of them in their books its only because there are so many books to be read... and if I only had time!   A 4 star story and narration.

Why?  I heard Joe Biden being interviewed by Oprah on SuperSoul Sunday Podcast awhile back and I was just so impressed by him. So I put the book into my wish list at Audible.
Plot. Joe Biden recounts some of his experiences as Vice President of the USA, and the years that led up to his son Beau's death from brain cancer.
What Appeals to Me. I really liked Joe Biden's values, his devotion to family and to duty and service. His life is inspiring, his simplicity, his authenticity, humility and loyalty. I liked his positivity and belief in his country even as times changed after his time in office.  He narrates this book himself, he doesn't have the most varied of voices, but the fact he is speaking it himself was enough for me.
And so...I was pleased I picked this one out to listen to, Joe Biden because of his life experience with tragedy has a compassion and ability to connect with others who have suffered.  A 5 star reading experience.


  1. I've enjoyed books by Colgan and Penny Reid as well. I definitely want to read Biden's book.

  2. I have loved some Colgan books...and I also want to read Joe Biden's book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think the middle one would fit me :D

  4. The Endless Beach sounds great.

  5. I quite enjoy Jenny Colgan’s books.

  6. Both romances appeal to me. I loved Café by the Sea by Colgan and am so glad this lived up to that one. I love the crazy family setups in romance so I'm adding Beard Science to my list. Fun books!

  7. I read The Endless Beach and really liked it. I think I'd love the audio even more!

  8. I love Jenny Colgan - I am so glad to hear that this one was good!

    1. I also just realized I started reading her because of your blog! So thank you, she has become a favorite go-to author for me!

  9. Great review! You have a really unique format (that I actually have never seen before actually).



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