July 31, 2018

July Reading Month in Review

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Welcome in, do join me by sharing your link to your look back at this month. I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing what everyone has been up to.  The link will be open for you to share your post whenever you post over the next few days.  Do visit each others' posts.

Total books read this month:  12

Bayou Midnight  Emilie Richards 4 stars
Summer Wives  Beatriz Williams 4 stars
Dreams of Falling Karen White 5 stars
Beach Blues Joanne DeMaio 4 stars
As You Wish Jude Deveraux 4 stars
The Rogue Not Taken Sarah MacLean 3.5 stars
One Night Wife Ainslie Paton  4 stars
The Choice   Edith Eva Eger 5 stars
The Patchwork Bride  Sandra Dallas 4 stars
The House on Saltwater Point Colleen Coble   3 stars
Homicide in Hardcover   Kate Carlisle   4 stars
Night Magic   Emilie Richards   4.5 stars

Book Formats:

From LibraryThree
Review BooksFive

Genres Read

Contemporary RomanceOne
Romantic SuspenseThree
Cozy mysteryOne
Women's FictionFive
Historical RomanceOne

New to me authors.
Colleen Coble
Kate Carlisle
Sandra Dallas
Edith Eger

Top Books for July

Two stand out in July. One a memoir of an amazing life and an inspiring person.

book cover

And the most riveting fiction for this month... I borrowed this one from the library. I just might have to buy it when it comes out in paperback.

Looking Forward to Reading in August...

I am looking forward to reading some books I have stockpiled recently! All now my own books. No review books for August. I carefully managed that. See a few of the purchased ones below. Some of them will be read for sure!

Incoming Books.
Paperback Books Purchased:

book cover book cover book cover

E Books Purchased:
This book was borrowed - hardcover. However I wanted my own copy so bought a Kindle copy which was so very reasonably priced.
book cover

Library Books: 
book cover book cover

Books coming from NetGalley 

book cover

Audio Books 
Credits from Audible
book cover

As some of you may know I am moving to Wordpress.com so next month this link up will be at my new address! I will leave a link here on this blog so that you can find me. Do keep joining up. Next month I intend doing a giveaway for those who link to this post, not because I have a new address but it is my birthday month and I am celebrating with... books!

So how did your reading month pan out?


  1. You had a great month for books! I want to read Karen White's book! Happy August!

  2. I haven’t even counted how many books I’ve read this month. I’m kind of behind with everything. It looks like you got a lot of reading done and read some good books. Happy August!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. How is it August!!! LOL Great month I've read four of yours and agree with the Karen White but I've never been disappointed with her ever. I'm hoping to snatch it in audio

  4. I read SUgarhouse Blues this month and LOVED it! A great series. Now have to wait for the next.
    I will be checking out your top reads for sure.

  5. I also read 12! I hope to finally read Dreams of Falling in August. Enjoy your new month.

  6. Congrats on finishing 12 books! That's a lot. I love how you keep track of the genres and formats. :)

  7. That was a lovely reading collection of books! I only managed to read 10 books this month. I am reading at a snail’s pace!

  8. I have A Month of Sundays on my tbr.

  9. The Choice sounds like a book my book club would adore! Glad to hear you loved it so much, i'll look into it for them. Also I hope your move to WP goes smoothly. It's stressful while a move is in action but looking back it seems like it was relatively easy. :) Happy reading in August too.

  10. You had a great month of reading! Hope your move to Wordpress goes smoothly :)

  11. Hope your August is full of just as any stellar books!

  12. Wow, 12 books - that's a great reading month! Sounds like you read some good ones - that memoir sounds fascinating.

    Hope you are enjoying your August books now, too!

    Thanks for hosting the link-up!


    2018 Big Book Summer Challenge

  13. You did great! I want to try Karen White, and I'm excited to see a Christmas book in your mailbox! Hope you have a great August celebrating your birthday and that you enjoy reading what you want!!

  14. Hey, Kathryn! I'm Vinny and I'm blogging over ArtsyDraft.com. This is such an interesting meme! I just featured this meme on my blogging meme & link-ups directory. I hope you don’t mind! But if you do, please let me know! :) x


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