January 4, 2013

Sean's Reckoning

Category Romance #1495 Silhouette
Sean's Reckoning by Sherryl Woods.
Paperback. 2002.

Goodreads summary:
Son of a shattered family, fireman Sean Devaney knew love never lasted--so he refused to chance it. Then he encountered scrappy but vulnerable single mom Deanna Blackwell and her pint-sized son--who had just lost everything in a devastating fire....

I read this out of my TBR pile for the TBR challenge which I am taking part in - a category romance. I had to look that up as I hadn't heard of a category romance. Turns out I have read them, but these days mostly not.  They are a shorter romance novel, that come out monthly from publishers like Harlequin and Silhoutette.  When I was growing up I read many Mills and Boon and another one that came out of Britain.

I have read a few of Sherry Woods already and will no doubt one day read more of them.  This was a gentle and pleasant story and I enjoyed it without being totally carried away by it. This is part of a series about brothers lost to each other when their parents disappeared when they were young.  This was the story of the second brother, however it is fine as a stand alone.

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