July 28, 2013

Starting Now

Book cover of Starting Now
Starting Now        (Blossom St #9)
Debbie Macomber
Arrow Books:Random House 2013
Format: Paperback
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Own book.

From Back Cover
Libby Morgan has sacrificed everything for her careeer as a lawyer - friends, marriage, her chance of a family.  Until, after years of hard work, the unthinkable happens, and suddenly  libby must rebuild her life... starting now.

With no job in sight, Libby spends her afternoons at A Good Yarn, the local knitting store.  there she forms a close bond with the sweet-natured shop owner, and with Ava, a shy and troubled teenager who needs her in ways Libby could not have expected.  She even finds time for romance with a handsome doctor.
My thoughts.
I enjoyed this latest book in the Blossom Street series.  It was a warm and cosy read, sometimes I just need a read like that, and this book fit the criteria!

This story explores how someone might react when they find they are no longer employed, they are let go!  Libby while at first blown away by the disaster eventually comes around to making choices that lead to a more fulfilling life.  While I have never lost my job like this, I did compare it to someone I know who totally went to pieces and blamed everyone and everything else, instead of taking a good hard look and choosing something better.  What came to mind for me, was the thought of in eighteen months I plan to retire.  Like Libby I need to make wise choices, and after reading another book recently - Somewhere Between Luck and Trust, I have already one thing in mind that I would find fulfilling.  I think I better start making a list.

Libby builds up a relationship with a young girl Ava, a thirteen year old who is facing down another huge life experience.  Libby begins to relate to her and support her.  Debbie Macomber has had this scenario a number of times in these stories.  In this book it is great to meet Lydia and the young girl Casey that Lydia's family adopted.  Casey is friendly and supportive of Ava.

Libby finds herself involved with some volunteering at the hospital and there she meets Dr. Phillip Stone.  While there relationship has the usual starts and stops, it was a delightful addition to the life of Libby as she reinvents herself.  I like that she came through it a better and stronger person.  These kinds of stories where women meet challenges and come through well always inspire me.
4 stars for this book.

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