August 27, 2013

Love Overdue

Book Cover of Love Overdue
Love Overdue
Pamela Morsi
Published: Harlequin Mira
Date: 27th August 2013
Pages: 432
Format: e book
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Summary on Goodreads
Buttoned up book-lover DJ is all sensible shoes, drab skirts and studious glasses.  After an ill-advised spring break-fueled fling left her mortified, she's committed to her prim and proper look.  When she's hired by a rural library in the middle-of-nowhere Kansas, she finally has the lifestyle to match her look.

But it's clear from day one that the small town library is more interested in circulating rumors than books. DJ has to organize this unloved library , win over oddball employees and avoid her flamboyant landlady's attempts to to set her up with the town pharmacist. Especially as it turns out he was her spring break fling! He doesn't recognise her!

My thoughts:
I looked forward to this book for a number of reasons.  I like Pamela Morsi as a writer, and it is about a librarian and a large amount of the setting takes place in the library.  It was very readable and I did enjoy it.

There is a small town community feel to the book, the characters at the library provided interest, especially one very reclusive one, and the other an old grump who thought she should be in charge of the library.  The library was very dark and was not used that well by the town.  DJ spends a great deal of time trying to address this problem, and the way it is finally solved is heart warming and goes a long way to making this book worth the read.

DJ's landlady, Viv is another eccentric character, she is the mother of Scott, the pharmacist.  She has a weird habit of collecting up cans of goods that have bulges in them!  I never picked what she was intending to do with them, although I should have!  Of course there are some mishaps with her plan and DJ's adorable dog is caught up in the drama.

Scott, the love interest is a very nice guy.  I found it hard to fathom that he didn't recognise DJ, and there were times in the story where I thought it was a weakness in the book that he did not recognise her.

This is a slow moving story with just enough drama in it to keep it interesting.  I see some readers have found the ending a little unsatisfying, and the epilogue somewhat of a jump.  This did not bug me at all.  I rather enjoyed picking up on the main characters eight years later.
3 stars.

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