December 24, 2013

The Romance Reading Challenge 2014

I came across this challenge and I have decided to do it.  It is run by Naida at the Bookworm. I know I read a lot of books that are romance, but it is more for finding out what others are reading and seeing if I would like to try them.
At this point in time the books I will read are:
  1. The Promise of Jenny Jones by Maggie Osborne (completed)
  2. Outback Dreams by Rachael Johns  (completed)
  3. Informed Risk by Robyn Carr  (completed)
  4. Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins (completed)
  5. Do or Die Suzanne Brockmann    (completed)
Not necessarily in the order I have listed.  These are all books that are already sitting on my shelf or kindle, so I am not even looking at the 2014 releases.  Do or Die is a review book, but I sure was happy to choose it;  I love Suzanne Brockmann's books.

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