May 26, 2014

BEA Introductions and Literature

Armchair BEA

My name is Kathryn and I have been book blogging since late 2012.  I blog from New Zealand, although most of my blogging contacts are either from Australia or the USA.  I began book blogging because I enjoy blogging and reading - so I put the two together!  I am moving towards retirement, and I anticipate having a more time to put into my blog then - 2015!  I would like to visit more blogs, but time in the week doesn't always happen.  I prioritise elsewhere.

I mostly read women's fiction and romance.  I branch out a little from these genres if challenges push me that way, although above all I think women's fiction will always hold first place with me.  I enjoy reading about relationships developing with people and characters wrestling with challenges that help them grow.  Mostly I read for pleasure and enjoyment.

My favourite book in 2013 and 2014: 

So many books I loved last year, however I think I would have to say that it was a series that I fell in love with and so I give my 2013 award to the Psy Changling series by Nalini Singh.  I didn't really read paranormal before them and still not that much but I just love this series.  I am up to date with her Angel Guild Hunter series as well now!

My 2014 ones so far:

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

Bloggers I enjoy visiting.

That's to name but a few!


I am not big into 'thinking literature'.  I read what I read and enjoy what I enjoy. I like books that make me think about issues in society - while issues may change there is a kind of universalness to challenges that human beings face.  Generally I believe literature makes me think about myself, others and life.  Literature is well written and there is a pleasure in the way the words, sentences and paragraphs all sing together.  Anyone who writes quality work in any genre is writing good literature as far as I am concerned.  


  1. Just a quick note, your direct link in the linkup on the Armchair BEA site doesn't work and I had to hit the home button once it hit your blog.

    I totally agree about literature making you think, and that being what is important. I don't think it matters what genre someone reads. I think every book has something in it that will catch our attention and make us look at some aspect of life and evaluate where we are. I think we are presented with the books that we need when we need them. I am not sure how to explain that too well, but I just feel like the book I need always lands in my hands when I need it.

    And congrats on approaching retirement! That has to be exciting.

    Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

    1. Thanks Lisa. Letting me know the link wasn't working was great, unfortunately I couldn't delete it and redo it. But added it again and hopefully that will be okay. Appreciate your comment.

      I do get what you mean about the book you need landing in your hands at the right moment. Great when that happens.

    2. New link works like a charm! If you contact the organizers, maybe they can help you out about the broken link. Not sure how that would work though. I am an insomniac so I have been hitting a bunch of blogs tonight, and figured I ought to let you know!

      It is an awesome feeling when a book gives you exactly what you need. And even better when it does that, and you didn't know that you needed it.

    3. Thanks Lisa. :) No good being an insomniac. Ouch!

  2. Hello from Indianapolis, Indiana. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm new to the ArmchairBEA event. What a great blog.

  3. It's nice to meet you! I don't often read a lot of romance, but I do love books that incorporate romance because they always pull at my heart strings. I have enjoyed all of Sarah Addison Allen's work, and I can't wait to read The Lost Lake!

    I'm glad you're here for Armchair BEA! I'm cheerleading for Team 5 and can't wait to visit more later in the week! :D

  4. Hi Kathryn! It looks like we read different sorts of books, but we have Shelleyrae from Book'd Out in common. :) I can't wait to visit New Zealand and Australia. I have family in Sydney and am saving my pennies to get out there. Hope you enjoy Armchair BEA! I participated last year for the first time and got so much out of the experience.

  5. I love women's fiction a lot. For many years, I completely avoided books written by men (a pet peeve). Now I occasionally read books by men, but I find they typically don't have the emotional resonance of women writers.

    Happy to meet you! Enjoy Armchair BEA!

  6. Nice nice to learn more about you.

    ENJOY Armchair BEA.


  7. I'm just like you, Kathryn - I like to read light romance, chick lit, that sort of thing. Books that let you escape life for a while, not get you down with their weight! I haven't read your favourites this year but they certainly look like my kind of reads! :)
    Suzy Turner, Fiction Dreams

  8. I don't get to read many adult books, especially since what I really want to read is a book about a middle aged librarian who becomes an international spy! I don't care as much for romance, which might be why I like middle grade so much. Love the colors and header on your blog. Have fun with Armchair BEA. I imagine it would be a long plane ride for you to New York.

  9. I also love women's fiction, with some romance, and lots of mysteries. I had a hard time choosing favorites, but linked to my ten favorites of 2013.


  10. Hi there! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog through ABEA! I especially want to take some time to check out all those fun looking challenges down the side of your page - looks like you are making great progress!

    Regarding literature, I have to say that once I stopped caring what people thought about what I read, I started enjoying reading a lot more. :)

  11. Nice to meet you, Kathryn! The Psy Changeling series is a favorite of mine.

    Joy's Book Blog

  12. Nice to meet you. I love Robyn Carr. I look forward to getting to know you throughout the week.

  13. Hello! Nice to meet you. Enjoy Armchair BEA! I really love your blog layout!

  14. I had unexpected company show up today so I missed the opening day of Armchair BEA. I enjoy visiting your blog too, and hope to start the Psy Changling series this year. Just got Four Friends and now I am really looking forward to the book.

  15. I know what you mean about not having time for blogging during the week. I usually get home from work and just want to collapse! haha I really like your thoughts on "literature." You don't overthink it; you just read what interests you. That's a great approach! :D

  16. Your thoughts on Literature is perfect - I feel the same way! It's the message, quality and the emotion in the book that makes it Literature. And that can change for different people, so it's best for people to find out what works for them!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! :)

  17. Lost Lake is on my TBR list. Hopefully, I can get to it sometime this summer!

    Nice to tweet you. Gave you some ♥ on bloglovin', too.

  18. Hallo, Hallo! :)

    *waves!* from the #cheerREADER Team4 of #ArmChairBEA! :) I love reading Romance! So much so, I created a weekly Twitter chat #ChocLitSaturdays which is centered around my blog feature of the same name! :) You see I am a book reviewer for an Indie Romance Publisher called: ChocLitUK! Saturdays was the best day for me to host the chat, and although I debated on the meeting hour, 11am / 1am (Australia) was the best for me in the end. I did host a poll as I wanted to try and be fair about it! I generally read a ChocLit novel ahead of Saturday & write my review so I can start the conversation in the chat about the themes inside the novel. Then, from there we talk about other authors & stories which used the same elements and/or watch how the conversation organically goes forward! It is a heap of fun and more times than naught, the authors who pen ChocLit novels drop-in as well! You can definitely say I am a lover of relationship-based romances & well-written stories!

    Robyn Carr I had the pleasure of seeing through Booktalk Nation which is an online book event website where you can 'schedule' a visit with an author on a book tour! The best bit about this is that most all of the book tours are by video! You can ask questions & you can feel as though your right there with them in person! When I saw Robyn Carr I knew I need to read the "Virgin River" series as it has been on my shelf for a bit too long now! Sighs. I loved hearing about different things inter-related to the story!

    I might read a heap of historical fiction, have a penchant for classical literature, and wander around genres like I'm in the middle of a dance, but I will always love Romances!! :) Great introduction!

    Jorie's #ArmChairBEA Intro

  19. We share a love for some blogs. :-) Great meeting you!


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