September 27, 2014

BookBlogWalkers Check In

This challenge is organised by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog.

Saturday:   rest day
Sunday:      35 min walk
Monday:    rest day
Tuesday:     30 min walk 
Wednesday: 45 min walk
Thursday:   30 min walk
Friday:        30 minute walk

A bit of pressure there to get five walks in because I took two rest days early on, due to extremely bad weather.  I crawled those last couple of days, but proud to say I made it!


  1. We had sleet this week, ugh, stayed in that day ;) I hear ya

  2. You are really good at staying with your goal. We've had really hot weather here and I get lazy to do anything. Great job and I hope the weather gets better for you. Have a great week =)

  3. WTG!! You did great, even though Mother Nature didn't want to cooperate. ;-)


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