September 28, 2014

Heaven and Hell. Kristen Ashley

Heaven and Hell
Kristen Ashley
Date: 2011
Format: Kindle edition
Pages: 472
Genre: Romance
Source: Own book
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After making a bad decision when she was very young, Kia Clementine finds herself in hell. Then, suddenly, within the time it takes for a shotgun to blast, her hell changes. Completely. Then out-of-the-blue she sees Sampson Cooper, her celebrity crush. A man the whole world knows is decent. A man the world knows is loyal. A man the world knows is good. All of these very unlike her now dead husband.

He’s sitting at a table right next to hers. And she catches his eye.Terrified of the interest Sam shows in her, Kia finds the courage to go out with him. Not long after, she shares her dark secrets and Sam shares that he’ll stop at nothing to gain her trust.

As Sam leads Kia to heaven, Kia realizes that Sam is living his own hell. But although he gives her beauty and she gives him everything, he withholds his trust.Even with all the beauty Sam shows her, Kia wants it all. But Sam forces Kia to make a heartbreaking decision and only she can decide. It’s all or nothing.
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Heaven and Hell by Kristen Ashley is my first taste of this author.  The book is a little like a fairy tale to begin with.  Kai has managed to escape an abusive relationship, thanks to the angry partner of the woman who Kai's husband was having a relationship with.  Suddenly Kai is all alone and safe, and what is more has come into a windfall that has given her the ability to go wherever she wants and buy whatever she wants.

While away spending a little of her windfall she meets Sampson Cooper - a superstar to her.  What is more Sampson and herself begin a whirlwind relationship, that reminded me a little of Cinderella and her charming prince.  The fairy godmother - Celeste takes her under her wing and helps her dress and gives her also the warmth of a older woman's support and friendship.  

Sampson or Sam, is wonderful, he is so supportive of Kai and encourages her to be herself.  Yet Sampson has a dark part of him that as time goes on he does not share with Kai.  He was with his best mate when he was killed in warfare and Sam has not recovered from it, nor has Luci - the wife.  Luci and Sam share a very special relationship but are not lovers, nor will be.  As time goes on Kai begins to become irritated and heartsick that Sam is holding back a part of himself and she takes some very tough measures.  She must above all be true to herself.

There is a mixture of suspense in the story as someone has taken out a agreement for Kai to be "taken out", Sam is beside himself when he learns of this and takes serious steps to ensure her safety.  Kai's family are wonderful and she has a loveable dog Memphis, who on occasion can be more than anyone guessed, but generally just loves a tummy rub.

I found the writing a little unwieldy, I thought parts could have been tidied up,  however I soon adjusted to it.  On the whole I enjoyed the book and will definitely read another Kristen Ashley book.
4 stars

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