October 13, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
Sheila at Book Journey runs It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Well I have had another wonderful week away from work, but now this week I am back to work for the last term haul.  Less reading, less blogging and more of report writing coming up!

In the last week I read:
Book cover
An oldie from Robyn Carr
Enjoyed it.

Very good and my first of her
more recent books.

Book Cover
2nd in series.  Getting ready to read the third.
I won't be reviewing this one, but did enjoy it. 
Especially being reminded of the joy of bodyboarding in the surf.
4 stars.

New author publishing on 28th October.
Really enjoyed this delightful romance.
Snagged from NetGalley.

Finished listening to
Audio version.
Won't be reviewing either but pleasant listening.
I like Rosalyn Landor narrating these regency romances.

What I am reading this week:
I am listening to Someone Else's Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson.

I am reading Sophie's Legacy by her mother Lesley Elliot.  This is a crime non-fiction book for The Eclectic Reader challenge organised by Shellyrae over at  Book'd Out.  I stood long at the library in the crime non fiction part, trying to pick out a book and came across this one. (Not my usual reading fare!)  In 2008 a young woman was horribly murdered in New Zealand by a monster of a man.  The trial played out on our TV news night after night.  He repulsed me.  Her mother writes of that day ( she was in the house) and the trial and the time afterwards. I am only a little way in, but already it has touched me. The murder was even more brutal than I want to know.

I am also about to start Seldom Come By, by Sherryl Caulfield.  I was enticed into this trilogy by Sheree over at The Eclectic Reader and was fortunate to win the follow up to this one Come What May, on Sheree's blog.  That book has already arrived - sent by the author, and it turns out she began writing the book I am just starting when she was living in the Marlborough Sounds in NZ.  An idyllic place let me tell you.  Sherryl Caulfield is Australian and now lives in Brisbane.  You can read Sheree's review of Seldom Come By over on Goodreads.

Up next:
Nothing!  I think I may still be reading the above books next week, as I turn my eyes back to school. Whatever I do read I think it will be something very light as Sophie's Legacy and Seldom Come By may just require me to do that!


  1. So many good books for you! I also won a book by Ms. Caulfield which hasn't come yet, I think it was Seldom Come By. Thanks to Sheree for the chance and for the tip to read it. I have only read 2 Robyn Carr books so far but enjoyed them. The Silent Sister was also a good read for me a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure about your true crime book. I know it must be a difficult read for you since it is written by the mother of the victim. Have a good week with whatever you read next.

  2. I hope you enjoy Sherryl Caulfield's book, I saw it over at Sheree's blog as well as on twitter and I was intrigued. I'm tempted to give it a try even though it's not my usual kind of read. Just looks like nice story... have a great week!

  3. So many good books. I have been trying to get the Chamberlain book for ages and failed!

  4. Everyone seems to really enjoy The Silent Sister! Am keen to add it to my TBR pile!

  5. Yippee that was very speedy of Sherryl ... I can't wait to see what you think of Seldom Come By, hoping you're finished before I go away lol. Thanks for the link love too. I really enjoyed The Silent Sister and I'm looking forward to Our Kind of Love, it's a fun series isn't it.

    Sophie's Legacy would be gut wrenching, I read a couple of true crime stories for challenges one year, so emotionally harrowing, I felt traumatised. Can't imagine living with that kind of horror.

    Back to school ... less reading time but you'll be getting the extra steps in with playground duty ;)
    Have a great week and enjoy your reads this week!

    1. I may not have read Seldom Come By, by the time you leave, but don't worry I'll let you know when you come back!

  6. I hope this term flies by for you! True crime can be tough to read, I'm not familiar with the case but it sounds distressing.

    Good luck with those reports,
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  7. I enjoyed The Silent Sister and Someone Else's Love Story. Glad to hear you had a good week and hope you enjoy all of your books.

  8. What a great week for you. I really like Rosalyn Landor as a narrator too. I will always listen to a book read by her. Looking forward to The Silent Sister.


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