October 15, 2014

Kingston's Project. Carrie Beckort

Kingston's Project
Carrie Beckort
Publisher: Carrie Beckort
Date: February 2014
Format: e-Book
Pages: 376
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Source: From the author

How do you find the strength to embrace a future that’s different than the one you planned?

For Sarah Mitchell, the answer is simple—you don’t. For two years, Sarah has shut herself off from most of the world around her. She needs to move on, but doesn’t know how to begin.

Unexpectedly, Sarah is presented with an opportunity that could change everything. Elijah Kingston, her firm’s largest client, wants her to lead a highly confidential assignment. When Sarah learns the shocking nature of Kingston’s project, she is torn between Elijah’s promise of healing and her fear of falling deeper into despair.

Kingston’s Project is a poignant story about the effects of grief and the loss of hope. Can Sarah find happiness again, or is the hold from her fear and guilt too strong to break free?
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Kingston's Project is a first book by new author Carrie Beckort.  I agreed to read the book, breaking my own rule of generally not reading self published books. However one or two in the year doesn't hurt me.  I enjoyed the story and while I found it a little long in places - it was worth the read.

Sarah, the main character, is still dealing with the grief of losing her husband and young son in an accident, it has rocked her world and she has never really climbed out of the deep black hole that she is in.  Her health is suffering - physically and emotionally.  She can't deal with young children and hasn't seen her brother's children in two years.  She is given an opportunity for a fresh start with a new project that she has been specially picked out for.

Elijah Kingston, a business mogul, has requested her help with a special project.  He has seen her before and she has reminded him of his wife Lena who has died a long time ago.  Sarah must sign a clause that prevents her from sharing what the special project is.  Involved in the project is Elijah's lawyer Miles and his wife Tina.  Sarah agrees to the project and so begins a journey for her and Elijah.  Elijah has two children, Leanne and Marcus.  As the project develops it becomes increasingly difficult to withhold the information that Sarah holds, but that they do not have.

I think my favourite scene would be at the dinner table held in honour of Lena.  There is tension as people  make judgements, and draw their own conclusions. Not much of it is in Sarah's favour.  They think she has designs on Elijah.  Also it is the night that Sarah meets Marcus and finds out that she experiences a reluctant attraction to him.  Eventually Sarah speaks up for herself and calls them out for their snide remarks.  The relationship between Sarah and Marcus develops through the book, we are not left with any definite outcome, I believe that is probably played out in the follow up book Kingston's Promise.

The book itself deals with a number of issues - grief and loss first of all.  Everyone responds differently to it, and in this book a number of the characters are brought face to face with it.  What about your own imminent death?  How would you plan for it and what would you do?  How about if there was a family gene that does not skip generations and you could have it?  Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease - CJD is the disease explored in this book - its not one anyone would want.  This book highlights the grief that such a disease brings to a family.  It also asks us to consider how we live this life we have - what can we do to make a difference? 
3.5 stars

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