November 18, 2014

Our Kind of Love. Victoria Purman

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Our Kind of Love
Victoria Purman
Published: Harlequin MIRA
Date: 1st November 2014
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 352
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Publisher via NetGAlley
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Anna is… unexpected… unbelievable… unstoppable.

And unavailable.

Will what happened in Middle Point stay there?

Dr Anna Morelli rarely makes mistakes. But this one is big, bordering on huge. Somewhere between sunset and sunrise at the simple beachside wedding of two old friends, she’s cried in the ladies bathroom, danced to too many ABBA songs and survived the best, knock-your-socks-off one night stand in recorded history. Has she gone crazy? She’s supposed to be running from the disasters in her life, not creating more.

Award-winning journalist Joe Blake is back in Middle Point to lick his wounds after being dumped by his wife and sacked from his Sydney job on the same day. But after one incredible night with Anna, he finds he’ll need all his investigative skills to figure out why she won’t give in to their sizzling chemistry….
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Our Kind of Love is the third in the Boys of Summer trilogy by Victoria Purman.  It was a wonderful and very fitting end to the stories of three couples who find each other with the help of scenic Middle Point, South Australia and the match making ploys of certain women among them.

First we met Ry and Julia, then Dan and Lizzie. Now it is Joe's turn, he is the newspaperman and brother of Lizzie.  He has returned to Middle Point after being made redundant and his marriage also breaking up.  He is drifting and hopefully in the process of re finding himself.  While doing that he meets Anna at Ry and Julia's wedding and they share a very passionate one night stand.  Fast forward a few months and Joe and Anna meet up again and the sexual tension is still sizzling between them.

Anna too is just coming from the experience of a marriage break-up and a husband who has cheated on her.  She has suffered a number of miscarriages and would really love to have a child.  Her large Catholic Italian family feature large in her life - she has always been the 'good girl'. Now there is a challenge for her, can she break that mould a little and become who she really is at heart.  I loved her big Italian family and the place family played in their lives.  It's the exact opposite to what Joe has known, with only his sister Lizzie to count as family.  His father walked out on their little family when Joe was only three, it has had a far reaching effect on him.

Our Kind of Love is the story of how Joe and Anna grow as people and how they slowly find their way into a relationship that just may last with each other.  We also catch up with the other two couples and I loved how well integrated this was into the book.  At times we were given short points of view from them and of course the update on their lives was just .... perfect.

A beautiful setting, well written, characters I loved and cared about - and what I like always in a romance - that little epilogue that made my heart sing as I finished the book.  Delightful.  I really look forward to finding out what Victoria Purman is writing next.  
4 stars


  1. This is my first time hearing of Our Kind of Love, but it sounds like something I would enjoy. After reading the first two books, of course. :] Thanks for sharing!


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