December 13, 2014

2015 Library Challenges

This is being hosted by Sheila over at Book Journey.  Go on over there to read the full details.

Its a great reading challenge in my view.  Last year I did a different library challenge and I increased my use of the library.  So this year I aim to read more books than I did in 2014.

Our local library gets better all the time.  I hadn't taken too much notice of it in recent years, but notice the difference now.  

They have online resources, ebooks to borrow, book club in a bag - with 10 books and guide questions and information about the author.  They run activities for the children over school holidays. In the last few years Smart cards are a bonus, I can reserve a book from a group of libraries and it will be there on a shelf at my local library to pick up, with an email to advise me its there.  I love that I can log in and check when books are due or I can renew them.

And I love that I can issue the books myself.  Love self serve!

As a teacher I appreciate our local library - they give me one class card and we can visit once a fortnight and each student can take out a book or two on it.  We also are given a longer time to have the book than the personal card.  The children's librarians are prepared to talk to the students and teach them about various aspects of the library.

They also have a vast library of DVD's of movies and TV shows and CD's of many talking books. And as well I can borrow audio and ebooks when I want.

I am aiming for the Seasoned Level: 17 - 22               (I read at least 14 from the library in 2014)

And I have decided to also join Snagged at the library - it is actually going to make me extend out by 2! This is hosted by Geeky Blogger and The Book Nympho

I am going in at Thrifty Reader : 24 books.

1.   Bride Flight    Marieke van der Pol
2.   Purity in Death   J D Robb
3.   Raw                  Martin Crowe
4.   Baltimore Blues     Laura Lippman
5.   Imitation in Death   J. D. Robb
6.   Home in Carolina   Sherryl Woods
7.   Sweet Tea at Sunrise   Sherryl Woods
8.   Murder of Crows   Anne Bishop
9.   Divided in Death   J. D. Robb
10.  Honeysuckle Summer    Sherryl Woods
11.  Visions in Death        J. D. Robb
12.  A Love to Call Her Own.  Marilyn Pappano
13.  Midnight Promises     Sherryl Woods
14   Catching Fireflies   Sherryl Woods
15  That Christmas Feeling   Debbie Macomber/Sherryl Woods/Robyn Carr
16   Clean   Katherine Ashenburg
17 The Language of Flowers  Vanessa Diffenbaugh
19 The Christmas Quilt    Jennifer Chiaverini
20  Pagan Stone Nora Roberts
21  West of the Pecos   Zane Grey
22  Dear Carolina  Kristy Woodson Harvey
23  Queen of the Road   Tricia Stringer
24  Where Azaleas Bloom  Sherryl Woods


  1. Good Luck with your challenge. I am enjoying my library more now too. I like the email holds and reminders to pickup and return books. I check now before buying a book to see if it's available in my library first.

    1. Yes I have started to do that now, so it is cutting down on my buying a bit, but keeps the libraries busy!

  2. I feel like if I did this challenge it would almost be cheating or something. I work at a library so I take out a book or something every time I'm there! (Today it was 1 book, 1 magazine, and 2 DVDs :P)

    1. No I guess this is not a challenge for a librarian!! I love that you can borrow magazines too.

  3. I get a good amount of books from the library so this definitely would not be a challenge. But glad to see more people using libraries.

    1. That's so true, and if this makes me use it slightly more than I do then I will be very satisfied!


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