December 17, 2014

In Safe Keeping. Lee Christine

Book Cover
In Safe Keeping
Lee Christine
Published: Escape Publishing
Date: 8th December 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 222
Genre: Contemporary romantic suspense
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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It was only supposed to be a casual affair, a stress-relieving night time romp, a secret just between the two of them. But when divorce lawyer Laila Richards ends up on the opposite side of the bench to high powered lawyer, Evan Barclay, in a very public, very high profile divorce, she knows their fling will jeopardize the case of her career, and breaks off their relationship.

Stunned by Laila’s decision, Evan vows to make the beautiful lawyer deal with him, both in and out of the courtroom. But when suspicious activity begins to emerge, and Laila’s safety is threatened, Evan fears his client — his best friend, the son of the only family Evan has ever known, may be involved.

Bound by client confidentiality and battling a massive conflict of interest, Laila and Evan fight to win, fight for justice, and fight for a chance at a relationship that’s anything but casual.
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In Safe Keeping is the third book in a series by Lee Christine.  I had not read the previous two, and did not find this a difficulty as the book easily stands alone well.  Although I am sure readers of the first two books would have a slightly deeper appreciation of some of the characters.

I liked this book, I was drawn in by the blurb, I like the idea of two lawyers on opposite sides of the bench yet linked romantically.  I was not disappointed.  The conflict of interests played out satisfactorily and of course the romance was good too.  There was plenty going on, Laila has lost her husband in a Blackhawk accident in the army.  Some were killed and some were badly injured and the army has covered it up to their advantage.  Laila wants to bring civil action against them.  That story plays out along side the divorce proceedings that Laila and Evan are involved in.  As well as that Evan has begun to be suspicious of the family who have long protected him, he wonders are they involved in unlawful and criminal deeds.

Both Evan and Laila have family backgrounds that could have hindered them, however it has only strengthened them,  at times it does enter into their relationship and causes some misunderstandings. They were both very ethical and driven to succeed in their calling.  Evan has been successful before they ever met in the sporting arena, however Laila is totally unaware of that.  I loved this part of him because he was an Australian player in our New Zealand national sport - not Australia's national sport though, so a perfect reason for him to be unknown by Laila.  (This story is set in Australia on the east coast).

The suspense side of the story was very good, it had enough action to keep me on the edge of my seat and a rather surprise denouement.  I didn't see it coming, although I am probably not a good barometer - I am not very good at working out 'who done it'!

This was my first read by this author, Lee Christine, I found it a well written, captivating story.
4 stars


  1. I think I'd like an opposing lawyers finding love story too. Was his sport rugby? I had to Google... ;-)

    1. ;) of yes nice work. Rugby union. Australia plays this but its a minority game there. Aussie rules I think is there main game. Similar but different.

  2. I'm a stickler for reading in order but thanks for the heads up about this series and Aussie author, I'm adding it to my TBR mountain. Glad you enjoyed it Kathryn


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