December 16, 2014

2015 Reading Assignment Challenge

This is being hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle at Because Reading.  Head over to Berls blog to check out the full details.

Some of the details are as below.

The Levels

Reading Level 1:
6 books
No Extra Credit, No Passes
Reading Level 2:
12 books (1 book/month)
1 Extra Credit, 1 Pass
Reading Level 3:
24 books (2 books/month)
2 Extra Credits, 1 Pass
Reading Level 4:
36 books (3 books/month)
3 Extra Credits, 1 Pass
Reading Level 5:
48 books (4 books/month)
4 Extra Credits, 1 Pass
Extra Credit:
Each level gets a set amount of extra credit that they may claim throughout the challenge. So if you’re having a good month and want to get ahead (and haven’t used up your extra credit) go ahead and read an extra book from your Assignment List. Once you’ve used up your Extra Credit, you have to stick to your scheduled number of books per month.
Level 2 and up gets 1 Pass. This means you can skip a month without dropping out of the challenge. You’ll have to use your extra credit to make it up, but you still have a chance.
CLARIFICATION (edited 12/02/14): Extra Credit can ONLY be used for books on your list from January 1st – November 30th. Extra credit is helping you recover from a month you passed. However, if you do your assigned reading according to schedule, you will start December with unused extra credit. You may add a book for each remaining extra credit to your assignment list, to be announced in your November post (which links up 12/1 – 12/7). If you choose to add books to your list, YOU MUST read them to complete the challenge. IF YOU FAIL TO READ THEM, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE GRAND PRIZE. IF YOU DO READ THEM, YOU’LL GET AN EXTRA ENTRY FOR EACH EXTRA CREDIT YOU CASH IN. So its up to you play it safe or gamble for more chances to win and rise to the top of the class!
I think I will go for Level 5.  48 books in the year - 4 a month. That gives me 4 extra credits and 1 pass.

My List of Books for this challenge.

End of year update: I chose Level 5. This gave me 4 extra credits and 1 pass. I needed to use 1 credit early. Didn't need to use my pass.

January: Completed.

February: Completed.











This challenge will clear some books off my TBR shelves. Oh my, by the end of 2015 I may have significantly more room on this shelf!


  1. Oh wow. You have some great books to read. Good luck.

  2. You are amazingly organized!
    HapPy reading, Kathryn :)

    1. For this challenge it was required to name the books beforehand, although not by month, which I only twigged to after I'd done it. Doesn't matter though will stick to the months anyway!

  3. Woot! Congrats on a successful first month! I'm only doing 2 books a month and I barely made it! I finished my 2nd last night at 11pm!


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