February 15, 2015

#FitReaders Check in February 15th

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This week has been a good week I got out pretty much every day for about 40 minutes so I am happy with that and met my goal steps.

I decided to listen to The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, I did read it once before and couldn't see why everyone raved so much about it, so decided would try it again on audio. I am enjoying it, I think the listening experience helps.


  1. Good week :)
    I did not meet my step goal yesterday, but it was V day

  2. That's great Kathryn ... keep up the good work! I loved The Madness of Ian McKenzie but for some reason I haven't read any more in the series.

    1. When reading a book I usually do a bit of exploring - I noticed that many read first book but haven't moved on in spite of someone commenting to me the whole series is great. I think again this is the only one I can get on Audible. I so hate living in NZ when there are so many audiobooks denied.

  3. Good job Kathryn! I haven't listened to audio books but I have heard of people enjoying the audio more than the paperback. It's good you found something you like. Have a great week!


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