March 30, 2015

Bloggiesta Finish Line March 2015

Bloggiesta has finished.

I didn't get as involved as I had planned but I went off on a few tangents and got other tasks done.  I intend going back to some other mini challenges and doing them gradually in the next weeks.

My Plans were:

  • clear out Bloglovin and also re-organise my groups Done
  • sort my Pinterest book boards a little more and add old reviews to them. A little
  • ask a question about moving to Wordpress I did ask and it led me off on a whole exploration tangent, short answer at the moment is I am not moving, but will explore more in coming months.
  • plan and write a Discussion post   No
  • take part in one twitter chat at least (one completed )
  • explore the mini challenges and join one or two Completed one at Joy's Book Blog and I am starting up a month in review link up, see below.
  • comment on other Bloggiesta challenge blogs Some
  • complete March in review post I'll get to it in the next 24 hours!
  • ...  whatever I think of ....  Well the Wordpress thing took up a lot of my time, but I feel it was worthwhile, and while watching a video I noticed how the guy had all his Bookmarks on his Google Chrome bar organised, so I did mine!  
Month in Review meme beginning at the end of this month here on the Book Date  and at the end of every month, and bloggers can link to it as they do their reflections into that first week of April.


  1. I went from Blogger to paid WP and it was a mess. I am not tech-savvy and I didn't hire anyone to do it... so I was all over the place. I still have problems here and there. It was kind of like going from a PC to a MAC. Two very different worlds. I suggest that when you do the switch you research as much as possible and have a seasoned Blogger-WP person you can chat with if you need help. That or pay the big bucks to have someone switch it for you. I love my site now and I'm happy that I have my own domain and no one else can take it from me... but like I said, I had no idea what I was doing and I was ready to pull my hair out. Sorry this was so long but I did exactly what you want to do and... phew. LoL Definitely get someone who can help you make the switch.

    1. Thanks Kristin, love hearing others' experience with this. I actually think I would get some one to do the changeover for me and the coding of the template. That wouldn't be too costly. Just need to think about which host really.

  2. Congrats on accomplishing what you did, and I am now envious of those organized bookmarks!

  3. I haven't attempted to move to WP although perhaps someday. You did get some of your Bloggiesta done so that is good.

  4. I have a Wordpress blog, but have it set to private because I'm still not sure if I want to leave Blogger or not. Right now I'm using it to back up my blog so I'm ready if I ever decide to switch, but still not ready to selfhost so it's the basic, freebie one. Good luck if you do decide to make the move!

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...


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