March 1, 2015

Looking Back at February 2015

February banner

Total books read this month: 18

Audio Books Read:
Looking For Me   Beth Hoffman
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie   Jennifer Ashley Review pending
Trust No One        Jayne Ann Krentz  Review pending

Ebooks Read
The Secrets of Midwives   Sally Hepworth
The Girls of Mischief Bay     Susan Mallery
Snowy River Man      Lizzy Chandler
First Time in Forever    Sarah Morgan
One Wish                       Robyn Carr
Heartbreak Cove            Lily Everett
Portrait in Death             J. D. Robb
Jubilee's Journey            Bette Lee Crosby  Review pending
Intensive Care                Nicki Edwards      Review pending

Paperbacks Read
Welcome to Serenity   Sherryl Woods
Silver Thaw   Catherine Anderson
Raw   Martin Crowe  - non fiction sport - cricket.
A Place Called Harmony  Jodi Thomas
Baltimore Blues    Laura Lippman
Black Hills     Nora Roberts

Top Books for February

Looking For Me   Beth Hoffman
The Girls of Mischief Bay     Susan Mallery
Silver Thaw   Catherine Anderson

Incoming Books.

Books Purchased:
Blackpeak Vines     Holly Ford (NZ author)
Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga  Sarah-Kate Lynch (NZ author)
The Wreck  by Marie Force
And I Love Her  by Marie Force
The Arrangement  by Mary Balogh
The Passion of Patrick MacNeill by Virginia Kantra
Portrait in Death  J. D. Robb
The Dysfunctional Test   Kelly Moran

Library Books: 
Baltimore Blues Laura Lippman

Books from NetGalley
One True Heart   -   Jodi Thomas   (invitation)  TBP  April
Blueprints  - Barbara Delinsky   TBP June
Heartbreak Cove  - Lily Everett

Accepted to review
Insecure   Ainslie Paton
The Settling Earth  Rebecca Burns.

Audio Books Purchased with Audible Credits.
The Martian   Andy Weir
Written in Red  Anne Bishop
One Tiny Lie    K. A. Tucker

Going off Script   Giuliana Rancic  (out in April) I'm a big fan.


  1. I'm a big admirer of Giuliana also. I was unaware she had written a book. I hope this silly controversy about what she said on Fashion Police doesnt affect sales or change her publication date.

    1. Hope not. I really admire her and I think the whole Fashion Police thing was taken way over the top! I guess maybe the woman that took umbrage is getting good publicity so its a bonus for her.

  2. You did awesome! A couple I'd like to read!
    Happy March reading!

    1. Thanks, yes already looking forward to March reading and all the best for yours.

  3. Wow, 18 books this month! Congrats! Looks like it has been a great month for you. :)

    1. Thanks Cynthia, retirement does great things for reading!

  4. You've had a busy month! (I like your February post image!) Looking For Me is one I've had my eye on.

    1. Looking For Me was so delightful. Wonderful on audio. Thanks for the February image comment, love playing around on picmonkey!!

  5. I hope to be reading Baltimore Blues this week...I have read some other books in the series, all out of order, of course.

    I also loved Looking for Me....glad you enjoyed it, too. And thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Looking for Me was very special, I don't know how you read out of order, I avoid it whenever possible!

  6. Wow you got a LOT of books read in February! Congrats and good luck in March! I'm very intrigued by Silver Thaw, but I'm hesitant to pick up a copy. Have a good week!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Silver Thaw - it depends on what you read really, wouldn't suit everyone, I like a straight down romance like Catherine Anderson writes. Comfort read!

  7. Wow, you had a great month!!

    Barbara Delinsky...I haven't read a book of hers in years, and she used to be a favorite of mine. I may have to revisit some of her stuff.

    I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    1. I know me either, and I have one on my TBR pile too. I saw this one above on NetGalley and thought why not!

  8. Excellent reading month for you. I am looking forward to The Girls of Mischief Bay and Trust No One.

    1. Both great Nise. Susan Mallery is on to it with this one. So love her women's fiction ones. Wish she wrote more in that line.

  9. Brilliant month for you Kathryn! I picked up The Martian using audible credits and I must see if I can get One Tiny Lie, before I forget again. I need to come back to your post to add to my already groaning TBR pile ... Insecure, Blue Prints. Hope March is just as good :)

    1. You might get to The Martian before me. Have just spent the last half hour checking out my library audio online books since reading your post! Sent me off on a tangent! Put in a list those I might borrow, but they only give 14 days and not sure I can get a book listened to in that time. Shall see. I know so many good books. As you know I love Ainslie Paton's books, found out that's not her actual name but anyway her writing name. Raising my glass to March!


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