April 25, 2015

#FitReaders Check in April 25th

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I had a good week in spite of some travel and one day when I didn't actually go out for a designated walk.   I met my goal of 46 200 steps for the week.  

Day with the most steps was Wednesday when I walked 8 856.  Friday - my no walk day was 4 386, which was still pretty good, must have done a lot of small trips!

The weather was very good, so no excuses for getting out and about.

I was listening to Blood Magick by Nora Roberts and read by Susan Eriksen.  Finished it now so new audiobook on the agenda.  It will be The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe.  Enjoyed the first little bit - so promising.


  1. Sounds like you had a good week! Great job on the steps and YEA for audiobooks. I'm waiting for "my next book" from the library - I'm next on the list, and it has to come in in the next couple days. Meanwhile I'm desperate for a new book!!

  2. Great job on steps! I'm glad you had nice weather. We finally have some decent weather today, but the week was crap. I really hope it starts to warm up here soon!

  3. Well done on meeting your step goals, I didn't get there this week but I did ok. We've actually had a chilly, windy week but that wasn't my excuse lol. Susan Erikson is one of my favourite narrators, I must start that Nora Robert's trilogy.

    1. Hmm I thought your stats looked okay, but some weeks are like that. I hate windy weather. I love it when Australia gets chillier than us, even if it is only for a short period of time! Love Susan Eriksen too. This trilogy was a typical NR one, in some ways if you've read one, you've read the lot! However was a good listen.


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