April 29, 2015

Hide Your Heart. Tracey Alvarez

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Hide Your Heart
Tracey Alvarez
Published: Icon Publishing
Date: April 18th 2015
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 282
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: from the author
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Alexandra Lauren Knight has reinvented herself in the safety of her rural New Zealand hometown to become Lauren Taylor. She’s cut all ties with her past as a former model whose ex-husband turned out to be ruthless in both the boardroom and the bedroom. While Alexandra allowed other’s expectations to propel her into the spotlight, Lauren prefers the safety of anonymity; restoring classic cars with her brother, and snuggling with her four-year-old son.

Nate Fraser, a burned-out photojournalist, plans to fix up the property next door to Lauren and sell it as a celebrity retreat. Always on the move, Nate is only comfortable with short-term assignments and even shorter-term relationships. But it’s not just his buyer’s tight deadline or that the restoration is far beyond his expertise which turns a short-term project into an ordeal. Nate’s plan of travelling the globe is in jeopardy—created by the intensity of his growing feelings for Lauren and her little boy.

As the sparks of passion ignite between them it reawakens Nate’s long forgotten dream of having a home and family. Lauren must find a way to trust Nate not only with her secrets, but with her heart—before her safe haven is exposed and she can no longer hide in the shadows.
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Hide Your Heart is the first in a new series by Tracey Alvarez, Far North.  It is a contemporary romance set in the beautiful New Zealand Northland. I loved the first chapter, it drew me in and I was soon anticipating a good read.

Lauren has escaped from a tough situation with her little boy Drew, all of four years old.  She may have been a top model, but she is no simpering female.  She knows her way around the inside of a car, is a great mother and can use a chain saw with the best of them.  While being competent is great, just to make sure of safety, Drew and Lauren are guarded by Java, a rather big rottweiler. 

Nate has plans to remodel and sell a house, and so set off to lands unknown in war zones wherever to tell the story in photographs.  He doesn't plan to get entangled with a woman who intrigues him and a little boy who manages to worm his way into Nate's heart.  Now what would Steve say about that - Nate's friend and mentor who still lives in Nate's heart and head, even though he died some time ago?

This is a sweet, sexy, well written romance.  If you haven't read anything set in New Zealand then this might be the one.  It has  the flavour of the local setting, loveable characters and a story that I was hooked into and read quickly.  Looking forward to the second one in this series.

4 stars

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  1. This sounds like one I would like, especially with a setting new to me.
    Thanks for sharing.


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