April 28, 2015

What I Remember Most Cathy Lamb

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What I Remember Most
Cathy Lamb
Published: Kensington
Date: 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 486
Genre: Women's Fiction
Source: Own book
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Grenadine Scotch Wild has only vague memories of the parents she last saw when she was six years old. But she's never forgotten their final, panicked words to her, urging Grenadine to run. The mystery of their disappearance is just one more frayed strand in a life that has lately begun to unravel completely. One year into her rocky marriage to Covey, a well known investor, he's arrested for fraud and embezzlement. And Grenadine, now a successful collage artist and painter, is facing jail time despite her innocence.
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What I Remember Most by Cathy Lamb was a great read.  I sat and read it during the day and into the night until I had finished it. I can't remember when I did that with a book.  Maybe I was in the mood for a good read and this book just slotted right in there.

It is told in the first person, so we only have Grenadine's side of the story.  However Cathy Lamb also adds in reports from child welfare officers, teachers and police officers and small slots of a creepy guy's thoughts.  In this way the life history of Grenadine is slowly built up.  Let's just say her past is on the whole horrific.  Yet what a wonderful woman has emerged.

When her creepy, slime ball husband tries to prove that Grenadine is a part of his whole investment scandal, she takes refuge in a small town in Oregon and fends for herself.  There she fights her way into jobs and eventually a place to call home.  She is a very hard worker and a gifted artist, it is not long before the people of the town recognise her talents and abilities.

When she takes up work at Hutchinson's Furniture she meets a whole raft of women, some providing fun and humour, others tears and sadness. Friendships and bonds form.  Then there is Kade - a tough looking reformed gang leader from LA.  What a group of people, and of course there is a delightful little one - Cleo who wins Grenadine's heart in unexpected ways.

This book didn't quite have the humour in it that I have met in Cathy Lamb's other books, but it did have some!  I chuckled and shed tears at times.  I cheered Grenadine on and was relieved when she made it through each challenge. 

Love the cover and for once it fit right in to a page of the book wonderfully well. Thumbs up from me on this one.

5 stars


  1. I am very intrigued by your enthusiastic review. Added this to my wish list. :-)

  2. I've read two Cathy Lamb books and enjoyed them. This one sounds good to me.
    The wife caught up in husband's white-collar crime was in two other books I read this past year or so (Elin Hilderbrand and Wendy Wax) but that doesn't take from the interest in reading it. Thanks!

    1. Love Wendy Wax! Have yet to really get into reading Elin Hilderbrand. Was just looking up the new release in June for Wendy Wax!

  3. I discovered Cathy Lamb from a fellow blogger and have liked the ones that I've read so far.

    1. As I did Nise. I find a few of her books sort of follow a pattern, but I still enjoy them. Just ordered another of hers!

  4. Wonderful review Kathryn, I'm so glad I picked this one up ... I just know I'm going to love it, except for that "creepy, slime ball husband" lol

    1. Ha! I do enjoy her books - this had a 'same' feel to it with one of the other books of hers I read, but still enjoyed it. Even splurged out and bought Julia's Chocolates by her. I can thank Shellyrae for my Cathy Lamb reads as she started me off!


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