June 17, 2015

Know Your Heart. Tracey Alvarez

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Know Your Heart
Tracey Alvarez
Published: Icon Publishing
Date: June 16th 2015
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 246
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: From the author
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Set in the far north of New Zealand, Know Your Heart is #2 in Tracey Alvarez Far North series.

Savannah has returned home to lick her wounds and regroup after losing her role on a TV series. When she drives up to her retreat home she finds it is occupied.  And no way is lawyer turned hopeful author Glen prepared to give up occupancy. Savannah's cousin Nate has rented it out to Glen and Glen knows law is on his side.

But is Savannah going to walk away. Well no! She soon returns and prepares for "war". With the help of Daisy she sets out to get rid of this pesky budding writer. She throws her very best at him, yet she also has to acknowledge that she feels a strong attraction towards Glen.

Glen is spending time writing the book he has always dreamed of doing, however up until now he has been the kind of lawyer his father approves of.  Now he is trying to shake off that deep seated need for parent approval and do his own thing. When his sister-in-law has difficulty with his brother Jamie and leaves him, Glen steps up and gives his fifteen year old nephew Tom a place to stay for a few weeks.  Tom has a similar issue, he loves playing the guitar, but his Dad disapproves and only wants him to study hard.

Savannah bonds with Tom and sets about helping him out with conquering his performance anxiety and developing his confidence level.  Added to that Savannah herself knows what it is like for a Dad to drop out of her life when he remarried.  She grieves that loss deeply.

This story emphasises the importance of making choices you are deeply satisfied with, that love does involve sacrifice but not the kind that denies the essence of who you are.

Tracy Alvarez has written a finely crafted, well written romance. Sexy and delightful and full of family values.
3 and one half stars


  1. Did you read book 1? I can't remember. I like that there's more to the story (family values) than just the romance but my reading has dropped off in the romance genre, I seem to be just finishing off series. Leaning more towards women's fiction these days.

  2. Sheree, yes I did read the first and reviewed it. Like yourself women's fiction is what attracts me most these days as well.


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