June 18, 2015

Julia's Chocolates. Cathy Lamb

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Julia's Chocolates
Cathy Lamb
Published: Allison & Busby
Date: 2007
Format: Paperback
Pages: 478
Genre: Women's Fiction
Source: Own book
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Julia's Chocolates is the story of Julia, a woman who leaves her soon to be husband before the wedding and flees to her Aunt Lydia in Oregon. Robert who comes from a wealthy family and was to marry Julia is abusive and mean.  She escapes his clutches at the last minute, taking every bit of courage she has to do so.
Julia has had a horrific childhood as well and her Aunt Lydia is a port in the storm.

Lydia begins to make a new life for herself, finding a few jobs that will help pay her way.  She takes one up at a library and finds herself involved with two children that she takes under her wing. She recognises something of herself in them, and tries to alert authorities of suspected abuse, they however don't wish to be alerted!

Aunt Lydia is a character, yet she has a heart of gold.  She holds a women's meeting every so often, rather wacky, but it helps her reach out to some of the local women who are experiencing various difficulties in their lives.  They are all very supportive of each other and are there when needed, helping each other to realise their true selves.

Abuse, drinking, cancer, threats, attacks, depression are some of the things they grapple with, and with courage and determination work their way through it.

This was not my favourite Cathy Lamb book, although I did enjoy it on the whole.  I can see a pattern so far in some of her books where a woman ends up in Oregon, fleeing an abusive situation and begins to make different life choices that enable her to heal and become her true self. I am not complaining though - happy to read and enjoy!

4 stars


  1. Women's fiction really isn't my cup of tea, but I know someone who would like this. I'll suggest it. :)

  2. You are flying through the Cathy Lamb books. Even though this wasn't your favourite I'm glad you enjoyed it and it appeals to me ... I'm already going yay Julia lol

  3. I have enjoyed several books by Lamb, and had this one on my list...but somehow didn't get to it. I think I might give it a whirl, even if it's not your favorite. It sounds like the kind of reading I like between thrillers. Thanks!

  4. It doesn't sound like a book I'd love but I'm intrigued the author has a theme... even as specific as the location to which the women run!


  5. Sounds like a lot going on, not too much fun. I'll pass on this one.


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