June 23, 2015

Zac and Mia. A.J.Betts

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Zac & Mia
Published: Text Publishing
Date: 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 310
Genre: YA
Source: Own book
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Zac is in an isolation room because he has just had a marrow transplant as he has a blood cancer.  His mother keeps him company, except when he can come up with some errand for her to accomplish and give him some few minutes alone.

Then in the next door room loud music just before loud voices have blared through.  Zac soon finds out he has a young girl next door to him.
Slowly a tentative relationship begins first through knocks and then later by social media.  Mia has a cancer on her lower leg.  Zac is a numbers guy, he knows her percentage for making it through is high.  Yet Mia is angry and her mother seems to leave as soon as she arrives to visit.

And so the story moves on.  I am not going to give any more detail as if you read this book you don't want to know what happens along the way to the close of this book.  Suffice it to say I read this engaging book in one day.

Zac and Mia were each in their own way beautiful, courageous young human beings.  It was a very moving and uplifting story; friendship, love and family being there, were the winners. I smiled and I reached for the tissues - at different times of course.  It asked questions about life and death with great honesty.  If you have the chance pick up this Australian YA book and read it!

5 stars
I had the good fortune to win this book in 2013 from Obsession with Books blog when Sharon participated in the blog tour for this book. Thanks Sharon and Text Publishing.
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  1. Sounds interesting! I haven't read any cancer books since The Fault in Our Stars (and there has to be something wrong with me, since I hated it!), so I might have to grab this.

  2. I loved The Fault In Our Stars. This sounds similar. I'm sure I would be crying in parts too.

  3. Oh wow 5 stars, I'm so glad I got this one the other day!! Have you read The Fault in Our Stars Kathryn? I didn't cry reading it but I bawled watching the movie.

  4. Having had 2 bone marrow transplants, I can swear that you might go a little wonky in those rooms and start communicating like prisoners. Thanks goosness for the Internet! Hope you're having a good week.

  5. Sheree, I am aware of John Green's book but haven't read it. Would be interesting to read and compare it.

  6. Oh this sounds sweet and tender and heartbreaking all at the same time. I would need truffles to read this as even your review made me tear up. I am such a sap.

  7. I enjoyed this book as well, I thought it was a unique take on the whole sick teen story
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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