December 11, 2015

Reading Challenges for 2015 - Looking Back

Reading Challenges

One Daisy at a Time
Let's see how I managed
my reading challenges
this year.
As the year comes to a close it is time for me to look back at the reading challenges that I participated in.

I know many of you aren't into reading challenges and that's okay.

At the moment I enjoy them, so I participate. However I am a little picky and I like some more than others.

On the whole I succeeded at most of them and had some big failures as well. But that's okay - I just found out what's me and what's not!

Challenges I set my sights on.

COYER Challenge 20 December to 6th March

The Eclectic Reader Challenge 2015
Completed. This is the most challenging challenge. It's a real challenge!!

Alphabet Soup Challenge
Completed and lots of fun.

New To You Reading Challenge
Surprised at how many new I do read. Completed

NetGalley Reading Challenge

2015 Library Challenge

Aussie Author Challenge 2015

2015 Reading Assignment Challenge
Wow I signed up for 4 a month. Stupid me!! But anyway I am almost completed - just one more to go and I will be completed by end of December. It has been my real TBR shelf clear out. Well not a clear out, but it has rid me of a few. Definitely going to do this again, but at a lower level!

2015 Audiobook Challenge
Yay, me. Completed.

The Color Coded Reading Challenge 2015
Completed. Fun finding books to fit, not that hard in the end.

The Prequel and Sequel Reading Challenge 2015
Like this one, very sensible reading challenge. Best of series challenges that I have come across.

Women's Fiction Reading Challenge 2015
Completed it. Of course!

Full House Reading Challenge 2015
Easy as!

Goodreads Challenge of number of books
Surpassed the 140 I set. But still not going to go too much higher next year. I might find better things to do than read!

Australian Women Writer's Reading Challenge

Take Control of Your TBR
In March on Caffeinated
Completed and enjoyed.

Lost in Translation Reading Challenge
Just went for two and completed it.

Authors A - Z Reading Challenge
Completed and was fun.

The Reading Challenge Addict
So of course because I fell out of some I didn't complete this challenge. But far enough to make me happy. So counting it on the plus side!

Didn't Complete:

Official TBR Challenge 2015
Made the mistake of not listing a couple of stand ins if I had a DNF, so in the end I was happy to let it slide.

2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge
Stink. No really, this was a bit of a failure. Most likely the goals were not me. Gave up early on the cooking goal. Although I pretty much almost completed the book related goals though, just stopped tracking. Who wants to track how many comments they make in a week! No, didn't think so.

2015 Book Blog Discussions Challenge
Thought of posts to use for this but just didn't do it. Prefer to read!

Next Year

I am already planning what I will do next year, not as many as this year. Just the ones I really enjoy.

As well:

I also worked on a WordPress free online course, Lorelle's WordPress School tutorials, I sort of gave up on it and came back to it recently. I now at this point in time have a paid blog - Discovering Daisies that I have decided to keep going and a free one that I will use for the course. That will help me to keep blogging on the paid WordPress instead of just letting it sit there trying to figure out the course. There is a challenge in April I think the A-Z Blogging challenge and I thought I might do that. (No Laurel-Rain, I will never have as many blogs as you!)

That little in post thingy at the top of the post - yeah me, I was able to code that in!  Small steps. Just a beginner, but it could end up fun.


  1. You're my challenge hero! I've decided to not sign up for any challenges next year even though it kills me as I'm just terrible at keeping up with them. I love the sound of all you did and I love the idea of doing a tutorial kind of thing. I really want to learn how to do a bit more with my blog.

    1. Yes Katherine, you have to keep the challenge going, and link etc which can be a pain, but as I am retired I have more time than many others. I suspect at some point I will tire of them!!

  2. Wow, you were wildly successful with your challenges. I am impressed with all your learning and would love to learn how to make the box thingy.

    1. When I fully understand it myself Nise, I could do a tutorial, but I am still taking baby steps!

  3. Wow, I am impressed! Even when I was doing challenges regularly, I don't think I did more than five or six.

    I did enjoy the Eclectic Reading Challenge a couple of years ago, and it took me way out of my comfort zone...and it was fun.

    The only challenge I did this year was the Goodreads Challenge. I exceeded my very low goal of 100 books (164 so far). But I like keeping the number pressure that way.

    1. Oh, and I love your Discovering Daisies blog. I am now pondering that Word Press course, too.

    2. I'll be doing way less in 2016! Possibly its a phase we go through when blogging. The WordPress course is quite challenging, and I am about to go back a few lessons, because I am rather muddled at the moment!

  4. Wow! Congratulations on meeting so many challenges. I'm going to check some of these out and of course your other blog - Discovering Daisies too.

  5. Wow congrats on the great Challenge successes, but really you think you'll find something you like better than reading? ;)

  6. Well done on your challenge success! That is fantastic.


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