December 3, 2015

Sidekick Auralee Wallace

book cover
Auralee Wallace
Published: Escape Publishing
Date: June 2014
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 249
Genre: YA/Adventure/Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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Sidekick is a crazy, burlesque type of book for young adults.  There is a whole cast of weird characters, and as the reader you're not sure what or who they are. At times they seem to help Bremy - the main character, at times they threaten her life, especially the Sultana and her mad band of clowns and acrobats.

There is one inept main character - hell bent on following  the superhero woman Dark Ryder, and managing to muck things up in spectacular blow up kind of ways. Bremy is a wannabe super heroine. She has an evil billionaire father - a twin sister who was born disabled because Bremy was born first, took longer than expected and prevented oxygen from getting to Jenny. Now they seem to be moving apart, thanks to their father. Bremy has come down in the world, by choice, she is in a one bed room with the toilet beside her and no room to turn around. To make matters worse she has a landlord threatening to take an arm and a leg if she doesn't pay the rent. And Bremy seems to have little money sense and is unable to hang onto the dollars that come her way, and her dress sense has gone down too.

It is mostly fast paced action and adventure, Bremy St James when she sees someone being taken advantage of, just can't help herself, she has to help, take the attention off the poor victim and on to herself. Not always with the result she anticipates.

The book is well written, and it is possible the younger audience would enjoy Bremy's klutzy adventures, as for me happy to sample once! 

3 stars

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  1. It could be a nice YA for me, it just could be

  2. Hmm this is new to me. Sounds a bit confusing but fun and I love the cover!


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