December 4, 2015

West of Pecos Zane Grey

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Published: Golden West
Date: 1st published 1931, this edition 2012
Format: LP Paperback
Pages: 365
Genre: Western
Source:Local library
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West of Pecos by Zane Grey was read for a reading challenge that called for a book before I was born. As West of Pecos was first published in 1931 this one well and truly fit that criteria!

I'd read some of Zane Grey's books when I was in my teens but haven't really read any since then. I though perhaps I had read this one, but I certainly didn't recognise it so probably not.

In this story Colonel Lambeth sets himself across Texas to begin life anew after the war and because his wife has died. And he is pretty much penniless. He takes with him his daughter Terrill. He'd wanted a boy so he pretty much brought Terrill up as a girl. She learned all the skills you'd pretty much need in the wild west.

Colonel Lambeth eventually dies which leaves Terrill with Sambo and Mauree, freed slaves who have opted to stay with the Lambeths. They then meet up with a cowboy called Pecos Smith who has made some money in rustling - although to give him his due he didn't realise that at the time. When he joins with Terrill he thinks she is a boy.

They start a ranch and begin to build up a herd. Along the way there are encounters with rustlers, other kinds of perils and some Indians. Eventually in a shoot out Terrill is revealed as a girl and eventually they fall in love and are married.

I sort of enjoyed the book, although I didn't enjoy the way the dialogue was written in the way Zane Grey thought they spoke at that time. Maybe they did. Also there were many sayings/attitudes that would no longer be accepted today.

Anyway it was pleasant to revisit an author, who set me on the path of enjoying a good Texan romance.

3 stars
The Eclectic Reader Book Challenge 2015


  1. I think I was in middle school when I last read Zane Grey. I probably wouldn't pick up a book, there is too many others too choose from.

    1. Completely with you there Nise. Wouldn't have picked it up either but for the challenge.


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