March 12, 2016

2016 Bookish Resolutions - February Look Back.

Because Reading is better than reali life
The New Year: 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge hosted by Laura @ trips down imagination road and Michelle @Because Reading


  • make headway with the J. D. Robb series so that I am almost caught up by the end of the year. At present I have completed #25, so by end of 2016 would like to be at somewhere around #38-40.
  • Complete the reading challenges I have signed up for in the 2016 year.
  • Read ten books by New Zealand authors. Ten books - not ten authors! Review the books I read for this.
pile of books
  • I read two books in the J. D. Robb series so finished #28. I also happened to read #42 as a review book!
  • Reading challenges are moving along - see to right sidebar for updates.
  • No NZ authors read this month.


  • take part in the April A - Z blogging challenge with my WordPress blog, Discovering Daisies. The sign up for that is 25th Jan. I also plan to have my posts prepared for the most before April.
  • learn a little more html and css via Lorelle's WordPress and the links she suggests. Study something each month and make adjustments to either my WordPress or Blogger blog as appropriate.
  • Visit reviews/posts linked to the reading challenges I host on Book Date blog.
computer with blog
February Update:
  • I have signed up for the A-Z blogging challenge and written from A - I posts. I need to work on the rest in March!
  • I went to the Code Academy and have almost finished the free course.
  • Neglected visiting posts for challenges I host. Will set time aside in March to do it, I haven't committed to commenting, just visiting and sometimes leaving comments.


  • make one quilt from beginning to end - a Quatre Foil Quilt, that I already have the material for. It will only be the second quilt ever, but larger than the first one I made.
  • participate in the Fitreaders challenge again and meet my goal set for weekly steps - at this point 55 000.
  • Initiate some home updates e.g. painting interior - curtains - possibly kitchen too. I won't be doing the painting though, but need to see the process through.
goals collage
February Update:
  • I have started on the quatrefoil quilt and made about 5 - 6 blocks.
  • Pretty much met my goals for Fitreaders - in spite of the muggy heat.
  • So painting is done in kitchen and lounge. Still waiting for screws for handles for kitchen cabinets. I think my goal for  month of March will be to hold my cool while I obtain correctly fitting screws. (Screws now sorted.) I need to look for a clock that I like and bang some nails in walls for paintings. I don't want to make a hole now it all looks good!
Bookish Resolutions Updates


  1. Good for you. Looks like you're moving ahead. That's always good momentum to accomplish more.

    1. Yes even small steps keep the forward movement.

  2. Good progress, thanks for sharing. This spring and summer I'm going to tackle painting and redecorating my house. I recently adopted a rescue dog too she's a 4yr old Corgi Mix named Pippa and I love her already!!

    1. Oh I bet Pippa takes up a good amount of your time. How wonderful to have her.All the best with the painting and redecorating.

  3. You are a rock star! What great progress you have made, and you have some very impressive goals.

    Your kitchen sounds, please, when you're done!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are kicking butt!

    I really need to try one of the In Death books... I think I'd like them, and I love a good long series.

  5. You are really getting a lot done.

    I hate putting holes in the walls too. :)

    ENJOY your day/night. :)


  6. Glad you enjoyed the Rachael Johns book! You are making loads of progress with things too.

  7. Well done! The In Death series is a good one, I am slowly working my way through it but like you I have read twenty odd and then received several forties as review copies!


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