July 3, 2016

Read the Books You Buy Reading Challenge Mid-Year Check In.

Read the Books You Buy Reading Challenge 2016 Badge
"When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes". Erasmus 
These were the following levels you could choose from:

20% or less      Money Sitting on the Shelf.

20 - 40%          Making Inroads.

40 - 60 %         Moderately Successful

60 - 80 %        Maximising  Returns

80 - 100%       Mission Accomplished

Authors write books, they deserve to be read and enjoyed and paid as well! So I know we love our review books, library books, 2nd hand books etc. But ... if you can - buy books as well.

There will be a mid year link up to share how you are going, in the beginning of July
The link ups just mean re linking your commitment post but updated, or you can write a new post if you so wish to link.

An here we are in July - so how are you doing? Remember all you are doing is taking a look and saying hmm!

Mine is a definite big hmm! However I do have plans to cut back (not cut out!) books for review. But I am making more space on my reading calendar from August on out to sink into some of those books I was propelled into buying, mainly because of other reader's raves about the book or author.

Books on my list.

2015 since June 2015
Cinder  Marissa Meyer
The Other Daughter   Lauren Willig
The Bliss King: Captive   Ainslie Paton
Switchback  Catherine Anderson
The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behaviour. Jennifer McQuiston

The Edge of Lost  Kristina McMorris   Read
New Leaf   Catherine Anderson   Read
From Glowing Embers   Emilie Richards - Kindle
At the Edge  Laura Griffin - bought in March - Kindle
Smokescreen Emilie Richards - bought in April - Kindle
A Single Thread Marie Bostwick - bought in April - Kindle
All of Us and Everything - Bridget Asher - bought in April - Kindle  Read
Linny's Sweet Dream List  Susan Schild   Read

Since June 2015
In the Unlikely Event - Judy Blume
The Possibilities  -      Kaui Hart Hemmings
It's You -  Jane Porter       Read
Saving Grace   - Jane Green
Still Life With Bread Crumbs  - Anna Quindlen
Accidents of Marriage - Randy Susan Meyers
The Gilded Hour   Sara Donati
We Never Asked For Wings  Vanessa Diffenbaugh
The Coincidence of Coconut Cake - Amy E Reichert   Read.
The Lake House    Kate Morton
Between Sisters   Cathy Kelly
Tamar                  Deborah Challinor
White Feathers    Deborah Challinor
Blue Smoke         Deborah Challinor

Close to You Kara Isaac
The Beekeeper's Secret Josephine Moon
Christmas Ever After   Sarah Morgan   Read
Sleepless in Seattle   Sarah Morgan      Read.
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt   Read
The Secret Life of Violet Grant   Beatriz Williams
Flight Patterns    Karen White

So that is 34 books that were on my new and recent book buys. I have read 9 of them which is 26% which is quite a way from my 40 - 60% target. Hence the time to take stock and ensure I meet my target by the end of the year! And of course no doubt I will keep buying, I already have one on pre-order and there are a few others I know I will want!!

So if you are taking part in this challenge share with us how you are going?

$10 Amazon voucher for one person - randomly chosen, as part of the link up. The link up will be open until the 16th of July.


  1. I'm quite a way from my target too... lol.. It happens.

  2. I didn't actually pick a number, although I do hope to zero in on a percentage at some point.

    1. That's okay it will work out in the end. I didn't really do a number, I just keep adding to the total as I buy!!!!!

  3. Any books we read that came from our shelf instead of buying new ones is a step in the right direction. I did this last year for a whole month and it was tough for me. I get so distracted by the chatter over the newest releases.

    1. Yes new releases Rita are a bugbear! But there are a few I just can't resist, but I am going to do more reading than buying in the second half of the year!

  4. I'm at 21% (money sitting on the shelf) - but as commented above, there is still the 2nd half of the year to reach my goal: 40-60%. I'm on target for just making it .
    Avid Series Reader

  5. I only just found out about this challenge, am I too late to jump into it now?


    1. No, join in. I will check the sign up post but it should be still open. Will adjust it if it is not. You are very welcome to join in. There is six months almost - well five to go! Just click on sign up link on side bar.

  6. I love your list of books. Don't you just love having an in home library you can walk to and find a book to suit your mood?

    Thank you for hosting this challenge Kathryn! I know I tend to save up my purchased books for later, but only reading 16% is definitely leaving money on the shelf! I will refocused my efforts this latter half of the year! Good luck to us!!

    Lonna @ FLYLÄ“F


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