July 3, 2016

Women's Fiction Link Ups for July-December and Winner of the Jan-June Link Up

Women's Fiction Review Link Ups

Although reviews are not a condition of completing the challenge, they are  an extra. There will be a $10 US Amazon voucher or book to that amount from Book Depository for one randomly chosen review linked in July-Dec.

The winner for the Jan-June link up was Sherrie from Food for Thought  with her No. 16 entry. Congratulations Sherrie.


There will be a final link up post at the end of 2016 for those who complete their challenge, If you list your books as you read them on your sign up post, then you have the post all ready to link at the end of the year.  All those who complete the challenge will go into the draw for a $25 prize to be in the form of a book from the Book Depository or voucher for U.S. Amazon store.  A Gone Reading voucher is also an option.

Sign ups are open until mid October 2016
The challenge goes from 1st January 2016 to December 31st 2016

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