January 27, 2017

Shotgun Wedding. Ainslie Paton

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Published: Supervised by Cats
Date: January 2017
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 148
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Thank you to the author
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Warning: Do not read this book if you dislike weddings.

Reid wants a ring on Zarley’s finger, but Zarley doesn’t need a wedding to feel married to Reid. Owen is ready to start a family, but Cara isn’t sure she wants kids. Sarina is pregnant and proposed to Dev and he wants a wedding—by the weekend.

Venue, guest list, invitations, the dress, the suit, rings, vows, catering. It’s a lot to get done in a few days. What could possibly go wrong?

Only one thing is certain with this shotgun wedding, love is the trigger and hearts will take a direct hit of happiness.

For better, for worse, forever.

This is for readers who enjoy catching up with the HEAs of couples in the Sidelined series. All the stories in Sidelined can be read independently, in any order, except Shotgun Wedding, which is more fun if read after Offensive Behavior, Damaged Goods and Sold Short.

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Shotgun Wedding is like a giant epilogue to the Sidelined books by Ainslie Paton. It is full of rounding off and weddings. More than anticipated.  Totally delicious and perfect. 

It is a time to revisit the three couples and see how they are getting along with each other. Rather well actually. And Dev and Sarina - the last couple to get together are the first kids off the block when it comes to marriage. The wedding is going to be fast and simple and the perfect venue is found. The perfect celebrant is found and finally Dev faces his family with the news.

Owen and Reid would very much like to be married too, but their women are not so keen. Owen and Cara have an issue because Owen would really like to have children in the future and Cara is just so not sure she wants to be a mother, and if not now not even maybe in the future.  So how does this get resolved or will they just give each other up because they want different things. Oh, but of course they love each other so...

Reid too wants to be married, he wants to be legally bonded with Zarley so that if anything ever happens to him she'll be well provided for. Well that's what he says, but actually I think he just wants Zarley married to him, full stop. But Zarley is adamant she will not be married. So...

This was a delightful, romantic finish up and I loved it. It was great to meet up with the couples again, see them being themselves but more than themselves. 

This book though needs to follow the three before it and I did and loved them all.

Shotgun Wedding

Romantic Australian author well written page turner


  1. Loved them all sounds good to me!

  2. I'd probably have to read the previous books to truly enjoy it, right? Sounds like a fun series!

  3. Oh I love catch ups guess I need to read the books first ;-)
    Thanks for the great review!

  4. Lol, this sounds like the reader is also invited to the wedding. I understand this is the last book in a serie sso the theme seems fitting.
    Me? I don't really like weddings ;-)

  5. Oh this sounds so cute! It sounds like a fun read and I love that there's a group of characters. I haven't heard of these books before but I need this series!


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