January 24, 2017

Wild Horse Springs. Jodi Thomas

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Published: HQN Books
Date:January 24th 2017
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 384
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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A Word from the Author.

While I was traveling around signing copies of SUNRISE CROSSING, a story I dearly loved, characters were lining up in my brain for the next book.  Some wait patiently, whispering their story, while others start yelling from the back of the line.

The character yelling for his story was Cody Winslow, my ex Texas Ranger.  He’d lived after his best friend died and he was riding full out along the edge of Ransom Canyon not caring much if he lived or died.

When he tumbled into the canyon breaking bones, he prayed for a quiet death but fate sent him Tess Adams.  A bossy, no make-up woman wearing a uniform and determined to save him.  To make matters worse, she came with eight junior park rangers about four feet yall who all wanted to practice their first aid on Cody.

The whisperer was Sheriff Dan Brigman.  He’d waited his turn.  He’d been in other books.  Always a good guy.  Always a good father and friend, but he never took center stage.  He never got his love story.  Now, in his forties, he’d given up until he found a fancy boot in the road one night.

He took on the mission to find the lady that the boot might belong to.  She had to be something special to step out in knee high rhinestone boots.
And she was…every fantasy he’d ever allowed himself to have.

When I was finally home and started writing, I had no idea how the two stories would fit together.  It was a fast write.  My fingers danced across the keyboard with the characters making me laugh and cry and worry.

So step into the adventure and enjoy.  I think WILD HORSE SPRINGS will keep you up late reading just one more chapter.  J

Jodi Thomas 
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Wild Horse Springs by Jodi Thomas is #5 in the Ransom Canyon series, and I loved it. Jodi Thomas has a gift for setting her story in Texas and bringing them to life. Her characters are ordinary, heroic, loveable and I just want to live there among them. There is always a bit of a danger in writing a small town story, there are so many out there, I get bored by them at times. Not so with this series, so entertaining.

We meet some much loved characters and some new ones, in Wild Horse Springs. I love the way the author introduces a character and then tells their journey over a number of books. She has done this with Don Brigman the sheriff and his daughter Laura and her friends Lucas and Tim. And That or Thatcher Jones has been around a little while too, a character with a big heart. We also get to meet a few new characters - Brandie a singer on the road, with a deep  sadness in her soul and a hurting heart. Also there are Cody and Tess - Rangers but of different kinds who kind of spark it off in unusual circumstances.

I loved the 'hook in' as Dan Brigman finds a wonderful boot in the snow and goes in search of his Cinderella. He might seem a bit boring and predictable but he has been alone long enough and when he finds the owner of the boot perhaps he might meet his match.

The delightful Thatcher Jones is in trouble - again and enjoying the hospitality of the town jail, while all his needs are being met by the townsfolk who are looking after him. However there might be someone looking for him that doesn't look on him so benignly.

I loved the humor in the book, one time I just put the book down and chuckled and chortled. I'll say it again Jodi Thomas has a gift for writing characters that just worm their way into my heart, they are such fun.

There is plenty of action, resolution for some loves but not for others. An extremely well written book, and ... am waiting impatiently for Lauren to go off and find herself. #6 can't come soon enough.

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  1. The beginning of the book may be my favorite of Jodi's :) Such a good book!

    1. I know such fun! So loved it - great characters.

  2. Great review Kathryn I haven't read a Jodi Thomas in a while. Its going on my list :)

    1. The whole series is worth reading from the beginning Debbie.

  3. I have yet to try her books... one day!

    1. So many books, so little time - I know - have the same problem!

  4. I haven't yet read this author, but now I must! I do love a series that revisits characters over a few books, sometimes spotlighting one while another book takes up the journey of another.

    I also love the idea of characters whispering and yelling for their turn.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes I loved reading Jodi saying about the whispering and yelling. Start at the beginning because some of these characters have been in from the start.

  5. Really all I needed to see what the word humor and I was in! I haven't read Jodi Thomas yet but I've just been sucked into Western romances and this looks like a good one!

    1. Jodi Thomas is a delight to read Katherine, and this is a good series of hers. There are some really loveable characters.

  6. This sounds really good. I could see myself devouring it!

  7. Such a pretty cover! I've been eyeing her books lately and really wanting to jump in. Glad to hear they're good!


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