June 30, 2017

Read the Books You Buy Mid Year Update

Read the Books you Buy Reading Challenge 2017

"When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes". Erasmus

So this is a Reading Challenge to Read the books you buy. You don't buy books? Well then this challenge isn't for you. Now at the start of 2017 you won't be sure of what you are going to buy or how many books you will buy.

The percentages to choose from....

20% or less      Money Sitting on the Shelf.

21 - 40%          Making Inroads.

41 - 60 %         Moderately Successful

61 - 80 %        Maximising  Returns

81 - 100%       Mission Accomplished

See the Sign Up Post for full rules.  If you want to join in now just link to this post below or the sign up post.

As promised here is the mid year link up to share how you are going!

The link ups just mean re linking your commitment post but updated, if that works for you. Or a completely new post. If you are reading on Goodreads just link up your shelf or leave a comment to say how its going and I will count you in.

There will be a $10 Amazon voucher giveaway prize for one reader among those who link up to this post. I will close this off in early August.

Reminder: In December a $25 Amazon voucher or books to that amount from the Book Depository if it delivers to your country.  Even if you don't get to where you hoped you can still link up, so long as you bought a book during 2017 and joined the challenge!

My Own Accounting!

So by the end of the year I want to be in the 61%- 80% - Maximising Returns range. It is so darn hard reading my own books, I know, a common problem among readers who also take books on for review. For myself I know of only one book blogger who is successful with that and I keep her in mind as my inspiration!

Books from July onwards in 2016
Wild Horse.  B. J. Daniels     Read
Only Beloved   Mary Balogh   Read
Beach Season   Lisa Jackson, Cathy Lamb, Rosalind Noonan.
The Iron Duke   Meljean Brooks      Read
The First Day of the Rest of My Life    Cathy Lamb      Read

Books bought in 2017
Whole Latte Life   Joanne DeMaio     Read
The Wicked City Beatriz Williams      Read
Dragonslayer  Emilie Richards            Read
Before I Fall Jessica Scott         Read
Somebody Like You Donna Alward     Read
Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans   Joanne DeMaio
Slightly South of Simple   Kristy Woodson Harvey
A Change of Heart    Sonali Dev
Indigo Beverley Jenkins
Their Finest   Lissa Evans
The Mother's Promise   Sally Hepworth
Dragon Springs Road   Janie Chang
The Things We Do For Love   Kristin Hannah
The Garden of Small Beginnings   Abbi Waxman  Read
The Hourglass   Tracy Rees
Marry in Haste   Anne Gracie
Silver Silence   Nalini Singh   Read

So that is a total of ... 22 books purchased to date. And 11 read. That is putting me right on the 50% mark - I need to raise it in the second half of the year. I won't put off buying some auto reads, but I did manage today to walk out of a bookshop where I went to buy a birthday card with no book. There was 25% off all books, and I saw one I want to read - The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green but I kept on walking knowing I have so many to read!


  1. Having read half of your purchased books is a great start. If I was at your house, I'd spend the whole day looking at your books. I think someone else's bookcase is much more fascinating.

  2. I love the idea of reading my own books but am not great about actually doing it! Good job passing up a book! I have so many books that I'll never get to them all but I keep buying more which isn't really helping the problem!

  3. I was at least breaking close to even this year, and then BookExpo happened. Now I'm so far behind! I'm going to keep chugging along, it would be doable if I didn't buy any new books before the end of the year. Yah, like that's going to happen :)

  4. As you suggested, I linked up my Weekly Updates post here, as I've mentioned my 64 books read so far.

  5. I missed the chance to link up, but here is the link to my list:

  6. This is the only challenge where you can do "worse" as time passes! ie it's all about the ratio LOL! I've currently read 12 of 41 purchased. I work next door to a used book store! Eeek! <3

    1. Jasmine yes find that myself, it is difficult to keep up, but what I find is it keeps the books to the forefront of my mind!


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