October 3, 2017

A Christmas Affair by Jodi Thomas

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From the Author - Jodi Thomas

Often when I write a book there is a story that I didn’t have time to tell.  A person who didn’t get their happy ever after ending.
Maria, Dakota’s sister in INDIGO LAKE, was that person.  I wanted to see her with her own story.

The fact that she is blind is only a part of the story.  For one time, one moment, she wants to feel alive.   She sets out to make her dream come true.  In her mind she can’t see forever, but she’s daydreamed of having an affair with the kind storekeeper she talks to every week.  Since her accident she’s never felt fully alive, so she decides to give herself a gift for Christmas.  An affair with Wes Whitman.

Even if it only lasts one night, she’ll have a memory to keep.

Only, he wants far more.  Wes wants forever.

I look forward to my readers stepping into the familiar setting of Crossroads, Texas, and celebrating Christmas with Maria and Wes.

A CHRISTMAS AFFAIR was set up to be the last journey in the Ransom Canyon Series, but the stories in my head keep dancing.  More ranchers.  More mysteries.  More love stories.  Folks from Crossroads kept standing in line waiting for their story to be told. 
Last month I stepped back into Crossroads with Book Seven!  Good News: A CHRISTMAS AFFAIR should be included in the back of Book Seven.

I wrote MORNINGS ON MAIN (out in April 2018) in my study upstairs with winter tree branches brushing the windows that surrounded me on three sides, but this summer I crossed my patio and opened the little room outback that we call the bunkhouse.

Ransom Canyon was waiting there.  Pictures, maps, family trees and a four foot stuffed pony I thought I had to save from the discounted table at Boot City the Christmas I started doing my research on ranching.

I felt like I’d been on a journey and was stepping back among friends.  After dusting and clearing the white boards, I began. A neighbor asked me once if I ever got lonely out in that tiny bungalow.  I had to say no.  I’m surrounded with friends. I hope my stories come alive and readers feel that way too.

Enjoy A CHRISTMAS AFFAIR and know that there will be more to come.
Jodi Thomas

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I've just finished reading the novella - A Christmas Affair, and I loved getting back into Ransom Canyon and watching Wes and Dakota have their time in the sun, or that would be snow and Christmas lights really.  Maria is a romantic and as it turns out Wes is not only romantic but wants to be a keeper as well.

When I read the first paragraph I relaxed into the story so easily. There is something about Jodi's writing that says " I'm a master writer". 

As well as Maria and Wes, we get an update on how her sister Dakota and her beau Blade are doing. Very satisfying.

Making an appearance for the first time is fifteen year old Travis who comes into town, to be cared for by his three uncles. Although before long it looks like he is caring for them. I loved him and chuckled at his comments. 

It is so wonderful to know there are other characters knocking on the door wanting their story told in Ransom Canyon. Jodi Thomas does small town stories like no other, I find none more readable or satisfying than hers.  Already watching out for Mornings on Main.

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  1. It was a lovely little peek into Crossroads during the holidays. Travis will be fun to watch as he continues to live with his uncles. Fun moments with them!

  2. Christmassy reads and two of them today on the blogs so far.

  3. I must read this author! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It's been a while since I read her Kathryn.
    would you recommend a holiday read that takes place in the Southern Hemisphere, I would love to read about Christmas the way you experience it. Thanks Kathryn xo

  5. It's always nice to learn about authors new to me. I'll check out her works.


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