October 5, 2017

Over the Teacups - Short Reviews #2

Short Reviews Over a Cuppa

I read a number of books I don't fully review, so I have decided to start acknowledging them here in short reviews - which lets face it - are the best!

Why? It's part of a series I am addicted to. When I met this series I read the first five I think straight one after the other. Then I had to wait like the rest of the fans for each one. This is #11. Published July 2017. Auto-buy and auto-read.

Plot  Lt Sam Holland and her extended family are picked up from wherever they are and put into lockdown. Somebody is threatening them, especially the children.  Needless to say Sam is grumpy about that as she is in the middle of a case involving an unknown body floating in the river. Then there is an even more significant dead body and let the ride begin!  Set in Washington DC.

What Appeals to me? Every time there is usually the mystery of a dead body for Sam and her team. I love the team dynamics and the various characters, many of whom have had a book with some focus on them. Then there is Sam's family and the people who work for her and her husband Nick. And... Nick and Sam - what a dynamic, romantic couple.

Each book leads into the next, I couldn't imagine not reading the previous ones first in order, but I guess it could be done but I wouldn't advise it.

And so.... I sat up and read this book one evening and then the short story that followed and then... the first chapter of Fatal Chaos which comes out early next year.  I never, I repeat never, read a first chapter in a coming book. I broke my rule this time!!  Fatal Chaos - February 2018, you are in my calendar. And I might add I have pre-ordered it.

book cover
Why? This is the third book in a trilogy. A contemporary fiction book by J. R. Ward. I like all her books but love her contemporaries best. I have been waiting a whole year for this book!  As soon as it arrived on my doorstep I started reading.

Plot The Bradford family have money, or they did until their father embezzled all of it and left them in big trouble. Now he is dead and big brother Edward is saying he 'did it'. All four of the Bradfords are traumatised by their upbringing at the hands of a sadistic father. They've mucked around but now with new responsibilities and their beloved momma Aurelia dying it is time to front up.

What Appeals to me?
I came to love these very flawed characters and the bonds that still hold them together. I liked their bid to overcome the challenge before them and their ability to look at their lives and see what they really value. It is a little mystery and lots of soap drama. I did think it was a little rushed at the end - but still - so worth the wait. I felt perhaps there was untold things about Max's story, maybe...

And so... I think this is it, no more! It all kind of was sorted with no big cliff hangers at the end. However I can hope for more contemporary work from J. R. Ward.  Also these three books are certainly on my keeper shelf and will be a reread for sure at some point.

Why? I fell in love with the small town in the first book in the series Blessings by Beverly Jenkins.
The book takes up the stories of the various children who have been fostered. Amari wants to join the July family as a fully fledged member and must undergo a spirit journey. Preston is worried his foster parents might split, Crystal is turning into everyone's counsellor. A new teacher turns up in town with Eli who has an attitude which doesn't wash in this town.
What Appeals to Me?
This book is so warm hearted and the characters so loveable and the story lines are heart warming. They are a little beyond the real, but it is if everything was in an ideal world, and who wouldn't go for that. It is full of humour, plus characters face challenges and grow... or leave town one way or the other.  It was  a sit down and relax read almost done in a day kind of book.
And so...
I've ordered book #3 in the series Something Old, Something New.


  1. Nice shorts, I especially like that last one

  2. Wow, high praise for the Fatal series! Devil's Cut is on my wish list. Love the sound of the Jenkins book. I love the short review form :)

  3. Great reviews and oh yes on JR Ward's Devil's Cut. I loved how she brought it all together.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Now I am curious about A Second Helping.

  5. Thank you for these short and sweet reviews. ( : A Second Helping sounds intriguing.

  6. This is such a cute idea, Kathryn.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. I am behind on the Fatal series. I think my daughter has my books! Loved Devil's Cut.

  8. I really loved those covers from Ward's series. I need to get the third one and get caught up :) Glad to see it was worth the wait :)


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