February 27, 2018

The First Kiss of Spring. Emily March

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Published:  St Martin's Press
Date:  27th February 2018
Format:  e-ARC
Pages: 368
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source:  Publicity via NetGalley
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Goal-oriented and gorgeous, Caitlin Timberlake's dreams took her to the top of the corporate ladder in New York City. Now years later, her goals have changed. She wants to come home to Eternity Springs and build a business and a family of her own—with the new man in town. So what if sexy mechanic Josh Tarkington wants nothing more than a fling? Caitlin is a patient woman who knows how to work hard and strategize to win what she desires. She desires Josh. Unfortunately, he has other plans.

If only things were different...

Josh craves Caitlin and all she has to offer. However, he is a man with secrets. He has worked hard to overcome his tragic past, but he's afraid to risk having a future because he knows trouble is never very far away. When a selfless act brings that trouble to his door, he stands to lose everything he cares about—including Caitlin. Will her love and the healing magic of Eternity Springs be enough to save him?

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The worst thing about a book I am enjoying is.... that it finishes! And much as I rue it, that's it! I have to accept I have to leave the world that I have been enjoying and come back to reality.

First Kiss of Spring takes place in Eternity Springs, the place where so many people come to heal - and therefore when that is done, there are many well rounded, healthy families living there, plying their interesting trades and supporting each other.

Josh Tarkington has come here, he is a talented mechanic and has set up his own business. However he has a back story and we gradually learn that story as each chapter starts with an entry in his journal. Josh has had it hard, while some might think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, that sure had a very dark lining. But... he has already fought many of his demons and while he doesn't trust himself altogether, he really should. And he has certainly taken on board more wisdom than he realises from all the friendly people who have shared their learnings from the gently hand of Celeste - the local wise angel.  

Caitlin Timberlake has returned home, she was a talented designer of homeware, but that no longer fulfils her, she has plans to open a new business in Eternity Springs. She is a little afraid of disappointing her mother, with this change of plan, but... her mother seems to have something else worrying her. And the intuitive Caitlin is picking up the vibes that all is not well in her family.  Meanwhile she is really falling for Josh and his little dog Penny.

This is another delightful story in the Eternity Springs series - #14 actually, and easily can be read as a stand alone although personally I am happy to say I have read and enjoyed all 14!  If you like small town, interesting characters, plenty happening then most likely you'd enjoy this one too.
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  1. This does sound delightful. And I agree that it's hard to let go of a book when one is enjoying it so much!

  2. my mom is reading this right now, Great review thanks Kathryn!

  3. Wow book 14 :D Must be a good author

  4. I've been wanting to read this author. Thanks for sharing...and I can relate to hating to leave the characters and story behind once we've finished the book.

  5. Thank you for reviewing this. I’ve been wanting to start this series. That cover is lovely!! Hard to resist. ( :

  6. The only thing good about not being completely caught up on this series is that I can visit Eternity Springs while I wait for book 15! I really liked Josh and Caitlin too though Caitlin's dad was a whole other story!

  7. Sounds like a good one. I like second chances for some things and a closing of a chapter and opening of a new one for women. I feel that is realistic and has happened for me.
    I find your rotating mat interesting to read about and I know how it can helpful to have such a device. I had bought a 12x12 quilting ruler at Joann at the last big sale and a self-healing cutting mat online so I can rotary cut faster. I want to try to make a mug rug with binding soon.


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