January 2, 2014

Reading Challenge Addicts 2014

Reading Challenge Addict

This challenge is run by the Reading Challenge Addict blog. Hop over there and read all the guidelines.  The sign up page 

I am going to enter at In Flight level  11-15 challenges. 

My name is Kathryn and I am a relatively new reading challenge addict, in 2013 I only took part in three, but I enjoyed those and now have found more I want to get involved in for 2014 and have even decided to host one of my own. Full House Reading Challenge

  1. TBR Pile Reading Challenge                        Completed October 2014
  2. The Eclectic Reader Challenge                   Completed December 2014
  3. Read It Again Sam Challenge                      Completed December 21st 2014
  4. I Love Library Books Reading Challenge       Completed May 2014
  5. Full House Reading Challenge                        Completed September 2014
  6. EBook Reading Challenge                Completed December 24th 2014
  7. 2014 Audiobook Challenge              Completed  August 2014
  8. The Prequel and Sequel Reading Challenge  Completed August 2014
  9. The Romance Reading Challenge 2014   Completed November 2014
  10. 2014 NetGalley Reading Challenge   Completed
  11. Goodreads Reading Challenge      Completed
  12. Reading Challenge Addicts          Completed on 24th December.


  1. I'll be joining you for a few of these, Kathryn! I even plan to sign up for your Full House Reading challenge! I plan to put my challenge posts up within the next few days (every time I say I'm going to limit it to just 3 or 4, it simply does NOT happen! Good luck with all of them!

    1. Julie thanks, I am going to be very organised with it I hope! Now I have had a year to observe how other bloggers track!


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