December 31, 2014

Looking Back at Books 2014: Overall

We've reached the last day of 2014.  It's hard to believe and so I have been doing a little looking back and counting all my book blessings!

Reading Challenges:
I completed all the challenges I set this year.  I didn't always remember to link up reviews where and when they could have been, but I was satisfied with my organisation, and have a plan or two to help me be even more organised with 2015 ones.  I know challenges aren't for everyone but while I enjoy being involved I will continue with them.

  1. TBR Pile Reading Challenge                        Completed October 2014
  2. The Eclectic Reader Challenge                     Completed December 2014
  3. Read It Again Sam Challenge                       Completed December 21st 2014
  4. I Love Library Books Reading Challenge     Completed May 2014
  5. Full House Reading Challenge                      Completed September 2014
  6. EBook Reading Challenge                            Completed December 24th 2014
  7. 2014 Audiobook Challenge                           Completed  August 2014
  8. The Prequel and Sequel Reading Challenge        Completed August 2014
  9. The Romance Reading Challenge 2014         Completed November 2014
  10. 2014 NetGalley Reading Challenge               Completed
  11. Goodreads Reading Challenge                       Completed
  12. Reading Challenge Addicts                            Completed on 24th December.
My biggest challenge was the rereading challenge and I won't be doing a reread challenge in 2015. Maybe in 2016! There are books I want to reread, but then..... I want to clear some of the books in my TBR piles.

I also hosted the Full House 2014 reading challenge and this will continue for 2015.  Thanks to all those who joined in.

Loved being part of:
I found this challenge very motivating.  I was very faithful for ten months of the year.  November and December saw me slip a little as end of year responsibilities and then tiredness overtook me.  But I am back to it now and have signed up for FitReaders 2015 - the newer version of this challenge.

Holiday Cards
I also participated in the exchange of holiday greeting cards and linked up with someone from the Netherlands, India and the USA.  It was a wonderful experience and I will certainly do this again, although I'll be more prepared this time.  I wasn't quite sure what it exactly looked like, but thanks to three wonderful book bloggers I now have more of a handle on it. I feel I didn't do such a good job... but next time moving onwards and upwards!  One book already taken out of the library that came as a recommendation and finding another blog with similar reading tastes was an added bonus. Thanks book bloggers and thanks to the organisers  Judith and Courtney.

Book Bloggers
I enjoyed interacting with more bloggers in 2014, I thank each and every one of you for including me in this world and for your many book recommendations.  I can't read all the books, but some I have moved to higher priority and some I have pursued and read.  

Stats - pic from Goodreads
Book Stats 2014

I read at least twenty three books by Australian authors in 2014 and nine by New Zealand authors. (Nalini Singh helped raise that total, hope I can count her as an NZer!)  In total 157 books and 47 723 pages.

Five of my top books
The Glass Kitchen.  Linda Francis Lee
No River Too Wide. Emilie Richards
Heroes Are My Weakness Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Do or Die. Suzanne Brockmann

There were more and I keep changing my mind, so much great reading in 2014.

Best of audiobooks
The Rosie Project. Graeme Simsion
The Husband's Secret.  Liane Moriarty
What Alice Forgot.  Liane Moriarty
Breathing Room.   Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Surprise Books of the Year
The Promise of Jenny Jones
Really enjoyed The Promise of Jenny Jones.  Wonderful western romance, published in 1997.

An amazing 5 star read, Seldom Come By, all thanks to Sheree over at The Eclectic Reader highlighting this book.

Kleenex Awards
The Promise of Jenny Jones
Seldom Come By

Disappointing - Not for me books
Happily Ever After - Elizabeth Maxwell
Better Than Chocolate - Sheila Roberts
Rock Addiction - Nalini Singh

I wanted to like these books but for various reasons they just didn't float my reading boat.

Next Year I am looking forward to:
Books by favourite authors:

  • Marie Force                       Fatal Scandal and all her other books out in 2015
  • Catherine Anderson           Silver Thaw  
  • Kristin Hannah                   The Nightingale
  • Robyn Carr                         One Wish
  • Sarah Addison Allen          First Frost
  • Emily March                      Teardrop Lane
  • Susan Mallery                    The Girls of Mischief Bay
  • Emilie Richards                 The Color of Light - next one in her Goddess series
  • Nalini Singh                      Next ones in her paranormal series
  • Lisa Kleypas                      Brown Eyed Girl  #4 in Travis Family series
  • Jill Shalvis                         Still The One - Animal Magnetism #6
  • Wendy Wax                      A Week at the Lake
That's to name but a few.  Other authors I am expecting a new book from, but not quite sure what they are publishing exactly in 2015.


  1. way to go on all your challenges this year! Looks like you had quite a few five stars which is awesome! Here is to an awesome 2015 too!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings
    Enter my blog birthday giveaway!

    1. Thanks Missie, yes quite a few 5 stars and many 4 stars. Equals happy reader!

  2. You did really well in your reading this year. Great job. A few authors that you mentioned that I will look out for in the new year. I have read more people book blogs this year as well. I am glad that I found your blog this year.

    1. Thanks Viki. I'm happy you found it too and happy that I have found yours as well.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful year Kathryn! Thanks for sharing your lists and all of your posts. I appreciate all of your recommendations! I'm going to move The Glass Kitchen up on my list. Congratulations on meeting so many Challenges. I look forward to reading your blog in the new year. Happy New Year!

    1. I did so enjoy The Glass Kitchen. Thanks for being a wonderful commenter.

  4. What an awesome year you had!! I'm so looking forward to visiting your blog again this year and adding to my groaning TBR pile :)

    Loved The Glass Kitchen, No River Too Wide and The Husband's Secret. And of course I'm so happy to see Seldom Come By on your 'best' list; love your Kleenex Award! Hoping to get to that chunkster Written In My Own Heart's Blood early this year.

    Half a dozen of the books you're looking forward to in 2015 are also on my list ... such good taste lol.

  5. I enjoyed reading your end of the year wrap up post. I always enjoy reading which books other bloggers enjoyed during any given year and always end up adding book titles to my already massive reading wishlist!!

    I've become an audiobook addict and I saw that you listened to the following audiobooks:

    The Rosie Project. Graeme Simsion
    The Husband's Secret. Liane Moriarty

    I'll have to add these book titles to my reading wishlist.

    Have fun reading in 2015!


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