December 30, 2014

Treading Water. Marie Force

Book Cover
Treading Water
Marie Force
Publisher: HTJB Inc
Date: 2011
Format: Kindle
Pages: 370
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Own book

Love is the last thing on Jack Harrington’s mind when he sets out to meet Andi Walsh’s flight. Recently back to work after spending more than a year tending to his comatose wife, Jack is focused on getting through each day and caring for his three daughters. However, the moment he sets eyes on Andrea Walsh, the interior designer who has come to decorate the hotel his company is building in Newport, Rhode Island, Jack begins to wonder if Andi might be his second chance.

After a disastrous marriage, Andi, single mom to a hearing-impaired son, isn’t exactly looking for love, either, but that’s what she finds with Jack. The two embark on a long-distance relationship fraught with challenges as they balance the needs of their children and dueling careers while Jack continues to care for his wife, Clare. Just when Jack thinks his life is once again settled, he is confronted with a new challenge that tests him in ways he never could've imagined, leaving him to wonder if "happily ever after" is in the cards for him.
My thoughts
At the moment I am taking part in thee COYER challenge - Clean out your E-reads.  As this book has been on my Kindle for over a year and cost me nothing it was a high contender because anything written by Marie Force is a sure winner with me.  There is however one problem, this book is going to lead me into clogging up my E-reader, because there are three more in this series and I am just going to want to read them all. I know it!

As I readied myself to read this book I noticed a note from Marie Force saying this was her first ever novel written, and so carries a very special place in her heart.  Treading Water was published in 2011 and in those three years she has become an author machine with runaway series that have grabbed the world over. I first caught up with her by reading some of the Gansett series, although it is her Fatal series that I most love.

Treading Water is a wonderful read.  I loved all the characters, the setting and the plot.  Jack has three girls - two teenagers and one nearing that age.  He is dealing with an accident where is wife is severely injured and not expected to live. However he fights for her, cares for her and when it looks like there will never be any improvement manages to take up his life again, care for his girls and unexpectedly finds the love of another woman and in doing so gains a 'son' Eric who adores him.

Andrea or Andi is a beautiful woman, inside and out.  She manages her Eric wonderfully well and is a great mom.  When she finds love with Jack she finds herself on a journey that may bring her many blessings but ultimately if may bring heartbreak.  I wasn't so prepared to like Clare - Jack's wife, but her side of the story is deftly developed and I fell for her too.

The three girls, Jill, Kate and Maggie, along with Eric are very much part of this story. As is Frannie - Jack's sister and Jamie his business partner.  Together they all give a family feel to this story. I smiled, I worried, I cried as I went on that journey with them.  

Readers of contemporary romance - this book is for you.  At this moment of writing this book is still $0 over on Amazon!  Feel like clogging up your e-reader anyone!
4 stars


  1. We joke in the COYER facebook group all the time about how we are never going to get our readers cleaned out cause we read everyone's reviews and then end up with more in our TBR pile. :) Not heard of this author so I will check her out. :)

    1. I haven't joined the Facebook group but I must. Okay, good to hear others have similar problems!!

  2. Replies
    1. I enjoyed it, although I see a few negative reviews on Amazon. I think it depends on life experience and how open you are to situations that are questionable.

  3. Great review! Im so getting this one. It sounds amazing

  4. I loved this too! I am also a huge fan of Marie Force and it started with the Gansett series. I'm a couple books behind on that series and I need to continue with the Treading Water series (I bought all of them already lol).

    1. Yay Kathy, love to know of other Marie Force readers! Have you read her Fatal series - I adore that most of all!!


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