December 30, 2014

The Reading Addict Challenge 2015

Reading Challenge Addict
I am taking part in the Reading Addict Challenge again for 2015.  If anything I have become a far worse addict, but in my defense I did complete all my challenges in 2014 and if I ever tire of them, well I can step back. (Yeah! Right!)

I am signing up at the 16+ level  "Out of This World".

Here are the year long ones I have signed up for. I am doing a few shorter ones as well.

The Eclectic Reader Challenge 2015

The Official TBR Challenge 2015

Alphabet Soup Challenge  Completed October 2015

New To You Reading Challenge Completed

NetGalley Reading Challenge   Completed August.

2015 Library Challenge

Aussie Author Challenge 2015

2015 Reading Assignment Challenge

2015 Audiobook Challenge    Completed in September

The Color Coded Reading Challenge 2015   Completed

The Prequel and Sequel Reading Challenge 2015

2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge   Got lost on the way - not completing.

Women's Fiction Reading Challenge 2015  Completed November 2015

Full House Reading Challenge 2015   Completed October 2015

Goodreads Challenge of number of books    Completed.
Wait till New Year to sign up for.

Australian Women Writer's Reading Challenge 2015  Completed November

Lost in Translation Reading Challenge     Completed

2015 Book Blog Discussions Challenge   Didn't complete
Bites nails!

Authors A - Z Reading Challenge


  1. Replies
    1. I am possibly nuts! No more! I am now turning a blind eye. This is it!!!

  2. Thanks for this list! I may join several of these too. :-)

    1. Great Martha, I will be on the watch out, to see if we overlap in a few.


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