December 5, 2015

FitReader's Check In. Dec 5th.

This is being hosted by Jen at That's What I'm Talking About and later on at the Geeky Bloggers Book Blog.  It is a wonderful way to link with others who are making sure exercise is a part of their daily lives - and not just all sitting and reading!

My Week:

graph of walking

Went 10 000 steps over my goal so happy. Friday I did not walk but mowed lawns instead. I usually take a rest day so that was it!

Listening to The Seafront Tearooms by Vanessa Green as I walk. Pleasant listening.


  1. I was all moving lawns!? Oh, right, you live there. Lol

  2. That's an awesome week! I was shocked how many steps I got in last week when I was doing yard work. It all adds up!!

  3. Woot!! Awesome Kathryn. I just started keeping track of my steps on my iphone. I live in a very small rural town and walking is great fun and safe. My trek is usually 1.5miles / day Gotta keep those pounds off now that I'm home everyday :)

  4. Great week, Kathryn!!! Isn't it amazing that yard work or every house work can help add up those steps? Have a great week :)

  5. Great job with your fitness goals this week!

    I want to read The Seafront Tea Rooms. Glad you found a nice audio book to listen to while you walk.

  6. Mowing lawns is a great workout ... awesome week for you Kathryn, way to go!!

  7. Look at you going 10,000 over!! Nice work!!


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