July 12, 2015

Sunday Post. #Fitreaders. What Are You Reading?

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Sheila at Book Journey runs It's Monday! What Are You Reading? While this  meme is not fully active at present I will be linking up as well to the Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

We just had a week of cold winter weather, usually do about this time of year. Snow up around hills behind where I live. However much of rest of country was snow covered so we always get off lightly. I actually enjoy cold weather although not so pleasant to walk in.  I started the week well walking wise but drifted off a little with cold weather.

Sunday my family are all gathering to celebrate my Dad's birthday - 91 and still living at home alone. We have a new baby on the way with one of my nieces so we are hoping for a July 13th baby, as that's Dad's actual birthday. Of course this baby girl will have her own opinion of when it's time to make her way into the world!

Almost but not quite made the goal this week.
fit reader report

What I read last week:

book cover book cover book cover
A Hundred Summers: Audiobook. First book I've read by Beatriz Williams. An interesting historical romance set in the 1930's Rhode Island area.
Bitter Greens: excellent historical fiction, with a retelling of Rapunzel fairytale within it. New to me author as well. Set in France and Italy in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The Color Of Light: A new book in the Goddesses Anonymous series.  Long time favourite author and a series I totally love. Set in North Carolina. Women's Fiction

What I am reading at present:

book cover  book cover

Listening to:
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Up next:

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  1. Sorry I missed visiting a couple of weeks. I got here early this time. I hadn't thought about linking at Sunday Post but that is a good idea. I'll just have to get the post ready a bit earlier.
    Happy Birthday to your Dad at 91! Hope the little one makes the day extra special too. :-)
    Strange to think of you having snow as I sit hear sweating. We run AC upstairs or downstairs but rarely both. DH has gone upstairs to bed so he turned it off and my little work area is getting a bit warm.

    Looks like you have been enjoying your reading. I will want to read more of Pappano. Yes, I enjoyed The Marian and look forward to the movie too.
    I hope you have a lovely, cool week!

  2. I am happy to see that you are reading Jane Green book. Look forward to seeing what you think of it.

    You had a great reading week.

  3. I've never read any Cathy Lamb - they don't sound like my thing nowadays, but I love the cover and title of My Very Best Friend.

    And I can't even imagine how cold it is over there for you guys!


  4. I like cold weather too, even though I complained last winter when it dragged on and on. :) I'm enjoying summer but the heat can be a pain too. I won't complain too much though as I know it will be cooling down before I know it!

    Happy birthday to your dad! That's great. Hope you have a wonderful celebration. And A Hundred Summers looks good, like the 1930's.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad. I enjoyed A Hundred Summers. It's strange to think you are having winter while it is summer here. Have a great week Kathryn and stay warm!

  6. I loved Summer Secrets and Me Before You. The Cathy Lamb book looks tempting.

    Thanks for sharing...and enjoy your birthday celebration for your dad. Hope the new baby does arrive on the 13th.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I just listened to WIlliams' TINY LITTLE THING and I enjoyed it. It was a quilt of 1960s mythologies. I wonder if I can get 100 summers.

  8. Happy birthday to your dad and I hope your niece arrives soon!

    It is weird to think about snow in July as I live in the States. Here we have been having a very rainy and mild summer so far but we had a very cold winter and I am not looking forward to the next one!

    I love Me Before You. I was disappointed to find out that the movie release had been pushed back to next year. I was planning to go and see it for my birthday next month. I hope you enjoy the book!

    I still haven't read A Hundred Summers though I did read The Secret Life of Violet Grant which was pretty good. Summer Secrets also sounds interesting.

  9. I was thinking the same thing as Martha! Hard to believe some parts of the world are experiencing winter when summer is just hitting its stride here in Iowa (US). Stay warm and have a great week!

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

  10. I read The Liar not long ago, it was my first Nora Roberts book, well that is a lie it is my first book as her, I have read loads of her J D Robb books!

    Have a great week!

  11. Me Before You is on my TBR! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  12. Happy birthday to your dad! I'm glad to see you enjoyed Bitter Greens. It had fallen off my radar but I think you brought it back to my attention last week. Enjoy your week! Stay warm!

  13. We've had an icy, cold snap here and the wind is howling and bitterly cold. Very unlike Brisbane and there's no way I'm going outside to walk in it lol so I hope it blows somewhere else quick smart!

    Happy Birthday to your dad, still living at home alone is awesome. I hope I'm independent like that at his age. Congrats on the new baby coming in the family too.

    So glad to hear you loved Bitter Greens and I can't wait to read The Color of Light, next week I hope. My snail pace is unfortunately continuing. Enjoy your week Kathryn and happy reading :)

  14. It is hard to imagine snow and cold when I am sitting here in warm 88 (31) weather. I am listening to The Liar too. Happy Birthday to your dad. July 13 is a great date. You were so close to your goal, but it still is great!

  15. I forget sometimes that you're experiencing a completely different climate than me. I usually love winter, but I'm especially loving summer right now - if only it would stop raining here. Lately all it does is rain and I miss the sun!

    Happy birthday to your dad!! Great job getting so many steps in, too!

    I saw you gave Summer Secrets 5 stars on Goodreads - I'm glad to see you liked it. I still have to give it a try. I hope you're enjoying The Liar. Another one on my list I haven't made time for.

    Hope you have a great week!

  16. NSW has also had a good dump of snow over the past few days. My sisters in Orange have posted some fabulous photos of the snow.

    Bitter Greens is a wonderful read. For me it's Forsyth's best book (her more recent one's haven't quite hit the mark for me).

    Is NZ also caught up in the Go Set A Watchman hype?

  17. I enjoy Cathy Lamb's writing so I am sure her new book will be a good one --enjoy

  18. Aw hope yall had a fantastic weekend birthday. How fun that would be for baby girl to have been born on his birthday!

  19. I love seeing the different covers books get for different countries. Do you think they do this for people who collect, to get them to buy multiple copies of the same book?

  20. Elizabeth not sure what is behind the different covers. I think possibly different publishers. I actually much prefer the USA cover of Summer Secrets! I do know of one reader who will do that with one author's books! Not me though!


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